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Labour is fiddling while Brexit Britain burns, Rejoin EU Party says

by LLB political Reporter
21st Jun 23 10:36 am

Labour’s latest plan to try to tweak the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU is merely desperate fiddling around the edges of a growing crisis, the Rejoin EU Party says.

Labour’s David Lammy told business leaders in Birmingham that the party plans to try to “improve” the country’s Brexit-ravaged economic and security relationship with Brussels, despite the EU saying a major re-negotiation of Boris Johnson’s ruinous Brexit deal is off the table.

Labour is inexplicably clinging to the half-baked deal despite the fact that MPs have roundly condemned Johnson, who cooked it up and sold it to the electorate, for misleading Parliament over Partygate.

Meanwhile, City analysts are warning that interest rates are fast heading towards 6% as the Bank of England struggles to control soaring inflation that former Bank governor Mark Carney has blamed squarely on Brexit.

The Rejoin EU Party says Labour’s grand promises fly in the face of reality – namely that it will only be able to significantly improve Britain’s economic and security relationship with Brussels if it commits to re-joining the single market, customs union and ultimately the EU – all of which it has inexplicably ruled out.

“Labour’s latest plan is not new and will do nothing to solve the increasingly serious economic problems caused by Brexit,” former Conservative MEP and Rejoin EU Party supporter John Stevens says.

“Labour hasn’t explained how it plans to achieve these magical improvements and its pronouncements appear to amount to little more than the empty soundbites that the Leave campaign used to achieve Brexit in the first place.

“Voters should seize the opportunity offered by the string of forthcoming by-elections in Uxbridge & South Ruislip and elsewhere to send Labour a message that it won’t get their votes unless it accepts the only way to save the economy is by re-joining the EU. The way to do that is to vote for the Rejoin EU Party.”

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