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Kyiv invites Donald Trump once again to Ukraine to ‘stop the war in 24 hours,’ but they have ‘serious doubts’

by LLB political Reporter
21st Jan 24 1:50 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again invited Donald Trump to Kyiv to share his claim that he can “end the war in 24 hours.”

President Zelensky has raised concerns over Trump’s claims he can end the war quickly against Russia “one way or another, making a decision on his own.”

President Zelensky said during an interview with Channel 4 News, “Donald Trump, I invite you to Ukraine, to Kyiv.

“So, if you can stop the war in 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come.”

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Zelensky said he is concerned that Trump will make his own decisions over the war that no one to date has heard.
The Ukrainian President said, “He [Trump] says that he will make decisions independently [on the war]. I’m not even talking about Russia.

“Without both sides. That is, without us…

“This suggests that that if his idea, which no one has heard, does not work for us, for the Ukrainians, then he will do everything to achieve this one way or another, to achieve his idea. And this worries me a little.”

Last week Trump claimed victory in the Iowa Republican Caucus and is looking likely to be the next US President.

The former US President said that had he been in power in 2022 when Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, there would be no war.

Trump has promised to get the war in Ukraine “solved very quickly” if he wins the Presidential election later this year.

Trump has said that “I know President Putin very well. I know Zelenskyy very well.

“We’re going to get it solved very quickly.”

He added, “Now you have all that deaths far greater than people understand the numbers are.

“Far-far greater than anybody would even think possible.

“You’re going to find that out in the years to come when they knock down these massive buildings in Ukraine… many people were killed.

“We’re going to get it stopped but it’s so sad because it should have never started.”

Trump previously said last year that he will “achieve” an end to the war in Ukraine within 24 hours if he is re-elected.

Trump said that he “would have allowed” Russia to capture part of Ukraine, he also stated that the White House are sending too much weaponry to Kyiv.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that he is happy to hear Donald Trump’s proposal to “end the war in 24 hours,” but he has serious doubts.

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