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Kremlin warns Paris they will have ‘two minutes’ as they considering a preemptive nuclear strike

21st Mar 24 2:03 pm

The Kremlin has warned that they are considering a preemptive nuclear strike on Paris after the French President has said he will not rule out troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron has sparked outrage and anger with Russian politicians as he has also said that “Russia cannot win this war.”

Macron sent a warning shot to Vladimir Putin last week that “all options are possible,” but “we are not in that position today.”

The French ground army chief of staff General Pierre Schill has published a statement on Tuesday that his forces “is ready” for “the toughest engagements.”

The deputy chairman of the Russian Parliament, Pyotr Tolstoy has warned the Kremlin is considering a nuclear strike on Paris, he told French news broadcaster BFMTV.

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Tolstoy said that the Kremlin is “are calculating” who added that if they launch a nuclear strike on Paris then the capital will have “a little more than two minutes.”

The senior Russian MP and close ally of Putin said NATO, including France are considering to place “missiles around Russian borders.”

Putin warned last week that he is “ready” for a nuclear war should any red lines of the Russian Federation’s doctrine is crossed.

With much anger Tolstoy hit out at Macron over his staunch stance that he will not rule out “operations on the ground” in Ukraine, he added that Paris are preparing for “all scenarios.”

The French President told Le Parisien, “Perhaps at some point – I don’t want it, I won’t take the initiative – it will be necessary to have operations on the ground, whatever they may be, to counter the Russian forces.”

The deputy chairman of the Russian Parliament vowed that they will “kill all French soldiers.”

On Tuesday the Russian chief of Foreign Intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin said that if Macron sends troops to Ukraine then they will be “legitimate targets” for Russia.

TASS news agency reported that Naryshkin said, “It [a French contingent] will become a priority and legitimate target for attacks by the Russian armed forces.

“This means that the fate of all Frenchmen who have ever come to the territory of the Russian world with a sword would await it.”

The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Tuesday afternoon that if Macron sends military units to Ukraine this risks an escalation that Europe will not want, he added, “to be avoided at any cost.”

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