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Kremlin demands the ‘unconditional surrender’ of ‘the so called former Ukraine’

by LLB Reporter
14th Mar 24 4:19 pm

The former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has demanded that Ukraine surrenders to Moscow.

The deputy head of the Russian Security Council insisted that for the “so called former Ukraine” there will be no negotiations.

In what is believed to have been a “tipsy” rant from his vineyard in Italy, accused the West of being “out of touch” and “liars.”

Medvedev said, “Everyone understands perfectly well, including the out-of-touch Western liars, that even in much simpler situations during war, peace can be achieved either with the mutual will of the parties on the basis of a reasonable compromise, or through the surrender of one of the parties to the conflict.

“The will of the so-called former Ukraine to negotiate is not visible.”

Medvedev insists that he is “calm and quite realistic,” and this is “humane for everyone.”

His diatribe continued, as he then suggested the “Western liars” should recognise the “Nazi character” of the Ukrainian government, despite President Volodymyr Zelensky being Jewish.

He also insists that the United Nations must agree that Ukraine should formally be part of Russia.

Medvedev said, there should also be a “payment of all required compensation to Russia, including payments to the relatives of the dead citizens of our country and payments for harm to the health of the wounded.”

In his rant, Medvedev then said that parliament should recognise “Ukraine’s entire territory is the territory of the Russian Federation.”

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