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Ken Livingstone waits over hearing on Hitler comments

31st Mar 17 9:00 pm

Here’s what happened

The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone case will resume on Tuesday where he will learn his fate as to whether or not he will be expelled over a controversial ‘purported’ claim that Adolf Hitler supported the creation of a Jewish state.

Livingstone has been suspended since April last year following a radio interview in which it is claimed that Hitler supported Zionism in the thirties before he “went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.”

Before the hearing, Livingstone said: “I’m always hopeful. It’s pretty fair. The injustice was actually suspending me for something I hadn’t said. “

“Have I said anything that wasn’t true? All the Jewish activists who spoke on my behalf yesterday, all actually confirmed what I said was true.”

“The big difference is that, though I said that Hitler supported Zionism, MPs like John Mann were immediately claiming that I said Hitler was a Zionist.”

“That was repeated on the Jewish Chronicle website with appalling other stories saying that I said Jews were like Nazis, none of this is true.”

“So, as long as the truth prevails, we will be ok.”

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