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Jeremy Hunt takes a swipe at Boris Johnson over his Brexit stance

by LLB Politics Reporter
19th Jun 19 12:35 pm

Jeremy Hunt took a swipe at Boris Johnson in a televised debate on Tuesday evening insisting he has an unclear policy and suggested that Brussels does not trust him.

Hunt then said he was “not entirely sure” what Johnson believes when it comes to the UK leaning the EU.

Johnson said last night the Brexit deadline must be met and warned that otherwise there will be a “catastrophic loss of confidence in politics.”

Johnson was accused of lacking clarity on guaranteeing Brexit on time, by Hunt.

Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “Well, I am not entirely sure what he believes on this, having listened to him last night.

“You have to think these things through because prime ministers have to make these judgments.”

Hunt said that he is best placed to do a deal with Brussels on Brexit and said, “We need a negotiator.”

A negotiator has three qualities, he said, “The first is it has to be someone the other side trust, because you don’t do a deal with somebody you don’t trust.

“Secondly, it has got to be someone who doesn’t blink. And thirdly, it has got to be somebody who is prepared to walk away.

“Now, the danger is that if we choose the wrong person now, we will have no trust, no negotiation, no deal, and possibly, if we have an election, no Brexit.”

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