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Is your web hosting provider the reason for the poor performance of your e-store?

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14th Aug 19 3:53 pm

You can have a fantastic product. But this does not always mean it is going to sell well. After all, if you do not market your product effectively, no one is going to know about it.

The world of online business and product marketing presents a wealth of opportunities to businesses today but you need to take advantage of them.

You need to establish yourself with an ecommerce website online so that you can make the most of this and sell a higher volume of your goods.

However, what happens if you have all of your products available online, your website looks visually attractive, but you aren’t reaping the rewards?

For some reason, people seem to be entering your site and leaving rather than purchasing. What’s going wrong? The truth is that you could simply be using a bad web host.

The ecommerce web server provider you choose to use has a colossal impact on the success of your website. You need to pick this with care, especially when it comes to web hosting ecommerce platforms.

Below, we are going to take a look at some of the issues associated with poor hosting providers and the consequent negative impact that this can have on your e-store as a whole.

Lack of security = no trust

One of the main problems people find with a poor hosting provider is that security is lacking. Security is an imperative component of ecommerce websites in particular. How do you expect people to purchase goods from your website if they do not trust your business? There needs to be evident security measures and trust signals in place.

Those who enter your website need to be safe in the knowledge that every transaction will be secure. People are sceptical of the Internet as it is, especially considering the frequent reports of individuals trying to scam others online. The importance of ensuring that all cardholder data is kept secure cannot be stressed enough.

You may be wondering what your web host has to do with security. Well, from poor backups to easy security breaches, there are a whole host of issues that plague websites hosted by poor quality providers.

It is not enough to follow good security measures, you need to display that your website offers a high level of security too. The necessary logos and information need to be provided, as well as the bank click safe methods during the transactions.

Poor quality web host = slow website

In addition to this, your website needs to load quickly. View this from the eyes of a potential customer. They enter your website with the aim of purchasing a product. The home page takes ages to load, they then click the product page, which again takes forever to load.

Are they really going to go through this lengthy process for each individual product, the shopping basket, the checkout process, and the payment options? It is highly unlikely. Instead, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

A slow website is one of the main contributing factors to a high bounce rate. The hosting provider you choose to use dictates how quick your site is to load. After all, you need to have a server that is substantial enough for the data on your website.

Inaccessible support = lots of downtime

And finally, you need to make sure you opt for a hosting provider that offers you 24-hour support.

You need your products to be available for purchase at all times. Nowadays, considering the fast pace of the Internet and the way things get picked up by social media outlets, one hour of your ecommerce website being ineffective can result in a loss of significant customers and a full running commentary of complaints on the likes of Twitter.

The web provider in question needs to give you thorough support to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your website. If something goes wrong or your website is not working, you want to be safe in the knowledge that you can simply hop onto live chat and it will be rectified quickly.

The final words…

If you contemplate the three main areas of hosting – security, support, and site speed – you should increase the professionalism of your ecommerce website as well as the volume of customers you attract.

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