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Is it possible to Whitehat SEO with Scrape Box?

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27th Jan 22 3:33 pm

So your website’s been up and running for quite some time. But is it actually fulfilling its purpose and meeting its potential. If you’ve invested a fortune on building a website but haven’t experienced higher conversion rates and sales, something’s definitely not right. Stop! Breathe! Rethink! You need to rethink your marketing strategies as well as the technicalities behind getting your website to rank higher in search engines.

In order to survive in the virtual world and maintain a strong presence online, Businesses and individuals who have websites and blogs need to know the intricacies of SEO. The ethically accepted techniques and tactics that are utilised to implement SEO are referred to as White hat SEO.

What is Whitehat SEO?

It refers to the practice of following all of Google’s guidelines for search engine optimisation. There are many benefits to this, including increased site traffic and higher rankings in search engines.

Some of the most common things that people do with White hat SEO are keyword research, content creation, link building, and on-page optimisation. With these practices in place, it’s much more likely that your site will be found by people who want what you have to offer.

Tools and techniques to implement White hat SEO: Scrapebox VPS

It is a common misconception that only so- called ‘SEO specialists’ are able to optimise websites in accordance with White hat SEO standards. Fortunately, due to the availability of top-notch software’s and tools the implementation of White hat SEO has become less of a hassle.

One such technique is the scraping technique. This technique is implemented using a tool known as  Scrapebox, which is considered one of the most powerful tools in the SEO arsenal.

What is Scrapebox SEO tool?

Scrapebox enables data to be scrapped for websites. It was widely recognised among black hat SEO tools to access web pages that are not indexed by search engines. However, with the help of advanced features, it can be used to carry out white hat SEO activities as well.

Scrapebox provides all necessary features for performing tasks like website crawling and keyword extraction. Using these features, it is possible to extract information from unindexed URLs and use them for generating content on various topics for websites.

Is Scrapebox a Whitehat SEO tool?

Despite it’s unfavourable reputation and sometimes considered a forbidden word in SEO paradigms, Scrapebox has plenty to offer in terms of White hat SEO. Like they say ‘A bad worker always blames his tools’- it is the same case with Scrapebox. It can either be used efficiently to White hat SEO by SEO technicians or if misused there can be downsides and website owners may be penalised.

ScrapeBox (VPS) Features

Scrapebox is an SEO tool that has helped thousands of companies rank their websites. This software can act as a Private Search Engine and gathers details that we need by scraping the web. It can also be used for long-tail keyword research, finding link opportunities, finding competitor backlinks and much more. It also enables you to check for google indexed pages, backlinks and PR values .With these features, it becomes a very useful SEO tool for any marketer who needs to carry out online marketing campaigns.

  •  Long tail keyword research tool

Scrapebox enables you to implement keyword research for the search engine of your choice. It will help you with finding relevant keywords, as well as with analysing competition and linking patterns.

  • Multi-threaded backlink checker

With the multi-threaded backlink checker, Scrapebox provides a solution for both site owners and SEO agencies. It is also a handy tool for webmasters who want to know the status of their website’s backlinks. The multi-threaded backlink checker is a feature that allows users to run multiple scrapebox jobs at the same time. This has become very popular because it can help save you time, money, and it will allow you to see your results quicker.

  •  Google indexed pages checker

Scrapebox is a tool that you can use to check the index status of your website pages. This tool extracts all the pages from a given domain by crawling through your website and then checks whether they are indexed by Google or not. It then creates a report for you to see how many pages have been indexed by Google.

What do I need for using scrapebox?

1. Find a reliable SEO VPS provider

Scrapebox is a desktop-based software that automates the process of web scraping. As it automates the process, to attain the maximum level of effectiveness , you will have to keep your computer or laptop running for the whole day. However, with a reliable VPS provider, you will be able to overcome this barrier of automating the entire process by finding a reliable SEO VPS provider and running the tool on the VPS itself. The VPS will be operating 24/7 which will be efficient in automating the process. If you can find a Scrapebox VPS, it will give you additional features to support the setup as well.

2. Find a Scrapebox promotion code

Scrapebox is not very cheap. Promotion codes are the best way to get discounts off of Scrapebox. They always have a variety of deals that are available for you to take advantage of. Promotions change periodically, so it is important to be aware of these changes so that you can shop accordingly.

3. Buy scrapebox and run it on VPS Then you are all good to go. You have to upload the tool to the Scrapebox VPS and then run the tool. You can do all the required tasks just like you would do on your local computer, but this time, the VPS will be running 24/7 and it will have high-speed internet and no latency issues as well.


At the end of the day, Scrapebox is just another tool. Marketers and SEO Specialists can either use this tool in a profitable way or exploit it’s use. After having highlighted some of its potential to White hat SEO, it is understandable that this tool can indeed help improve website rankings in different ways and this is especially vital if you as a website owner are seeking to maintain an impactful presence online instead of struggling to merely exist.

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