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Incredible video shows how you can control Google Glass with brainwaves alone

10th Jul 14 9:37 am

If the headline of this story sounds completely mental – it is.

With an ingenious and highly sci-fi new app, you are now able to take pictures with Google Glass with the power of your mind alone.

And the company behind the technology is based right here in London.

Shoreditch-based digital studio This Place has developed MindRDR (pronounced “mindreader”), the world’s first telekinetic app for Glass.

The MindRDR app connects Glass with a Neurosky electroencephalography biosensor, which measures brainwaves and can translate concentration levels into actions.

This allows you to take photos and even share them on social media networks with Glass simply by altering your levels of concentration.

This incredible video from This Place explains more about how it works:

MindRDR from This Place Ltd on Vimeo.

It’s worth noting that Google has said that the MindRDR app won’t be sold in the Google app store, and that Google has “not reviewed, nor approved” it.

But This Place has made the software behind the app open-source, to encourage further development of its telekinetic technology app, while the MindRDR app itself is free.

This Place CEO Dusan Hamlin said in a statement: “As a user experience company we’re constantly improving the way people interact with technology.

“Imagine a world where you can interact with wearable devices just by thinking about the content you want. That’s the world we’re building, and we’re just getting started.

“To help kick-start this revolution we’ve open sourced our MindRDR software. From today, we’re letting developers across the world to build on MindRDR so everyone can contribute to this incredibly exciting field.”

If you want to hack your Glass and control it with your mind, you can get MindRDR free on GitHub. The Neurosky Mindwave Mobile is €89, while Glass itself is £1,000.

Find out more about the project here.

Let me know what you think of the technology and its potential in comments below and @sophiehobson or @londonlovesbiz

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