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Importance of using stickers in marketing campaigns

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16th Nov 18 8:33 am

Have you ever realized that sticker printing is often an underused tool when it comes to marketing businesses? For most companies, stickers are perceived as cheap and using them could devalue a brand. However, this is not always the case. Stickers are a mainstay of marketing campaigns particularly because they are customizable, cost-effective, and eye-catching.

Stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used as address labels, product labels, name badges, or even window stickers. Here is why they will always be an integral component of various business marketing campaigns.

Stickers start word of mouth

Most professional marketers believe that word of mouth is among the most powerful marketing tools and stickers are a great driver for this. Sadly, many business owners and managers think that offline social networking is dead. Indeed, this is the primary reason they avoid sourcing printed promotional materials.

A recent study indicates that when people talk about different brands, 90% of these discussions begin from an offline material. Therefore, stop overlooking stickers. They play an integral role in both online and offline marketing campaigns particularly in starting conversations regarding your brand.

They are well-received

No matter the type of sticker, the message you plan to pass, or the fact that you hand them directly to your prospects or distribute them via email, stickers are associated with a higher level of importance to the consumer. There is a great chance that a single sticker you handed to a single prospect will move from one hand to the next prospect.

Additionally, they encourage brand loyalty. Clients who love your brand are more likely to use your stickers to reveal their support by displaying your creatively-designed stickers in a broad range of places. For instance, a sticker can be a perfect addition to back your customer’s laptop. Someone can also stick it to their guitar case or lunchbox.

They can be used to provide more information

Stickers are a great way to offer more information about your products and services to your customers. Things like price offer, key benefits associated with a product or service, and contact details can be included on stickers. Making your business stickers more engaging while passing the right information can boost the possibility of making more sales.

The beauty and the biggest benefit of stickers are that they can be used by any company regardless of the industry. Whether you are a start-up trying to get consumers to know you or a giant corporation trying to raise awareness for a specific campaign targeting millions of consumers, stickers will always be an essential part of marketing campaigns.

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