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Huawei phone users are ‘impacted’ over Google block

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
20th May 19 2:16 pm

Huawei mobile phone users have been warned, that due to Google restricting the mobile operator’s access to their Android software they will be “significantly impacted.”

As a result of President Donald Trump executive order last week, the block will prevent “foreign adversaries” from accessing US tech without first gaining government approval.

Industry expert Tristan Rayner, senior editor with the Android Authority news website said, “Existing Huawei device owners will be significantly impacted.

“Whether it’s someone with a brand new Huawei P30 Pro, which was unveiled last month, or the owner of an older Huawei Mate device that’s a few years old, it’s now clear that their Android operating system will no longer receive important security updates.

“Google’s engineers are now forbidden to collaborate with Huawei engineers on these important updates.

“Google has said that users can still access the Google Play Store, and all the usual Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Search, Assistant, and so on.

“Therefore, while there will be some disruption, we do have some reassurances from Google that it isn’t going to leave owners with a brick, effectively.”

Rayner has warned buying Huawei mobile phones will be a “real risk” under Google’s restrictions.

He said, “Future Huawei devices will be significantly affected. We now know that future devices cannot be loaded with the Google Play Store, or those Google apps like Gmail or Google Maps.

“All of this may change rapidly, it’s a US government directive, and we can’t guess at what may play out between the US and China regarding technology bans.”

Kate Bevan, editor of Which? Computing said, “It’s unacceptable for consumers to be left without adequate security on their mobiles and Huawei owners will be seeking urgent reassurance that the safety of their devices will not be compromised.

“In this situation, your consumer rights are limited as there’s currently nothing faulty with these phones.

“However, if you purchased a phone in recent weeks it may be worth checking the retailer’s returns policy.”

In February Huawei revealed their first smartphone that has a foldable screen.

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