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How to use the content mix strategy for online communication

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23rd Sep 22 12:15 pm

After successfully activating their online communication channels, it can happen that many companies are disappointed by the low volume of interactions generated by the posts, images or videos they publish, and they desperately start looking for solutions to remedy the problem, perhaps even through the support of some professional figure or digital marketing expert. On the one hand, the performance anxiety troubling the serenity of brands is perfectly understandable: in the age of the Internet and social media, every company needs to be able to count on a strong and clear voice online as well, within the new arenas for brand communication, social media, thus making sure that the content published is of good quality and adequately responds to the needs of the audience, in which the future consumers of tomorrow may also be hiding.

However, if this voice begins to fade, becoming almost an inaudible whisper, it is not only the overall image of the brand that will suffer, but also its overall performance, including sales-related performance. A greater amount of social media interactions, in fact, is capable of generating invaluable added value that will translate into more clicks on the company’s website, a substantial increase in views of any videos posted online, and also (hopefully) a marked increase in sales.

The most common apprehensions

Executives of some companies usually begin to worry about the performance of their posts even when not even a week has passed since the channels were activated, showing themselves visibly concerned about the absence of comments, likes and shares, or the small number of followers accumulated since the day the online channel was officially launched.

At this point, trying not to mind the drops of sweat that begin to bead their foreheads, these worried executives start obsessively searching Google for guides or practical advice on how to increase the performance of their posts, almost always coming across kilometers of text pages in which a supposed communication expert tries to lavish his or her advice on proper management of social pages, and on increasing their performance as well.

The reality is that there is no real golden rule for creating effective content, capable of going viral in a matter of hours, because the web and social media – by their very nature – are unpredictable and incredibly changeable creatures, constantly evolving, so much so that a principle valid until a few days ago may have already been challenged by the emergence of a new trend, a new operational methodology that can change the rules of the game.

An overall strategy

What one can try to hazard is not a strategy for the creation of individual successful posts, but a plan for the development of an overall publishing structure that will have to remain consistent in each piece of content, and whose effectiveness is measured not by the performance of the individual post, but by observing the performance that specific heterogeneous group of content will be able to produce over time. Therefore, companies and their employees will need to develop a varied and heterogeneous content plan that includes product posts, posts focused on the emotional impact of the services offered, and ethical posts based on the principles and values that drive the company, leveraging the content mix strategy to generate maximum returns in terms of interactions, likes, and shares.

Heterogeneous content mixes should not only be used on social media: brands should also leverage this principle for the other virtual spaces available to them, such as the corporate website or blog. On the corporate website, in addition to the spaces reserved for the online shop, the company can include photo galleries, sections reserved for employee anecdotes and stories, but also moving elements that increase the visual pleasure of the viewer, thus improving the overall user experience at such a crucial moment as landing on the brand’s home page.

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From the blends of content, even online, emotions can arise that are so strong that they will forever bind consumers to your brand, establishing a real and authentic connection.


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