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How to use technology to keep your business moving in 2023

by Sarah Dunsby
11th Jul 23 9:17 am

In this modern day, it’s important to make use of technology where you can. It’s essential to keep your business moving onwards and upwards, rather than remain stagnant for months and years on end.

Technology is a great way to keep on top of business growth and escalate it further with the right software and tools. With that being said, here are some great tips for using technology to keep your business moving in 2023.

Take advantage of a central dashboard software

When it comes to technology, you first want to get your hands on a central dashboard software that helps your staff easily navigate their day-to-day tasks.

For example, if you’re a gas engineering company, then having specialist gas engineer software to control all aspects of the job from scheduling appointments, and ordering parts to automating invoices is handy to have in one place. This type of software is effective in bringing everything to one place, which is handy when you’re trying to streamline operations for efficiency.

This type of software is helpful to have in any business, whatever industry it’s in, so it’s worth making use of.

Make sure you’ve got ample communication between staff

Communications are important within any business, particularly when it’s apparent that it needs improving. If you’re a business that’s struggling with comms, then it’s well worth having multiple forms of communication available for staff. That could be a collaborative work platform like Asana to make sure every staff member has a work phone if required.

Having that consistency in communication does wonders for workplace efficiency, whether they’re working remotely, or within a hybrid working environment.

Introduce chatbots for out-of-hours customer service

Another great use of technology is through chatbots. As a business, it’s important to always be connected and available to your customers, even if that means out-of-office hours. That, however, is not always something every business can accommodate but thanks to technology, chatbots are providing to be highly effective.

Chatbots operate from a knowledge base, rather than them needing to be controlled by humans directly. They use this knowledge base to answer any questions asked by customers to the best of their ability.

While it’s not always 100% effective, it’s definitely better than having nothing at all.

Use real-time analytics to assess business performance

Real-time analytics is something that can be highly effective when it comes to assessing your business and its overall performance. It’s useful to have an analytics tool and software that you can utilise to identify where you’re doing well in business and what needs improving.

Train your staff with online courses and training opportunities

Finally, be sure to train your staff and to continue the training opportunities that you give them. To help your business truly thrive, your staff is an essential part of that business. Therefore, your business relies on its talents and experience to bring opportunities to your business.

These tips are a great guide when it comes to utilizing technology as a modern business. Be sure to use them for your own this year.

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