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How to take part in the TikTok photo trends

by Sarah Dunsby
23rd May 22 9:00 am

Trends are a big part of the success some users find, on TikTok. That is why it is so important for companies, that use this social media for marketing purposes, to always follow trends closely. Don’t worry, there are other things than cats dancing on TikTok, so you will find the trend that makes the most sense for you. What would be nonsense would be for your company not to be present on this growing social media.

What can be considered a TikTok photo trend?

Trends are usually defined either by a video or a picture that is being used over and over again on the app. Sometimes, it simply comes from the treatment of them. Therefore, learning how to use effects, for a TikTok photo editing trend, will be useful for your company, in order to grow faster. Sometimes, photos are easier to deal with than videos. Most companies do not have the creative power to really focus on producing good videos, for social media. But almost all companies can try their hand at it, by using pictures that already exist, or shooting a few of their own.

It is not so hard. You do have to follow what is going on, though. Otherwise, you won’t be able to identify the trends, to start with. But once that is done, you can really play with it, by using the other elements that can be inserted into TikTok. Look for songs, sound effects and hashtags that are popular at the moment and incorporate them with the picture that is also trending. If you have missed out on a trend, don’t worry, there is a new one coming out every day. Grab the one that is logical for your products and services and roll with it. Just don’t make it too serious, as TikTok users are more into fun pictures.

How to create your own trends?

If you are new to TikTok, start by using trends that already exist. It is the best solution to start being seen by others, without too much effort and investment. However, once you have achieved a good base of followers, you may want to start your own, as well. To do so, it is best to use what is already popular on the app and give it your own flavour. In other words: Make it yours. That is the key to success on TikTok. Once you start being known for something (special sound, colour, thematic), then followers will accumulate rapidly.

This app is all about authenticity. If your company is very conservative, it will be harder for you to actually find your public on TikTok. Users do not want to see what has been trending for so long, on other social media. They want truth, even if it is not 100% politically correct. Also, the average age on it is quite younger than other social networks. It means that you will have to adapt your language accordingly. It is best to ask for help from one of the younger employees, especially if they already have experience on it. You just may find your company being trendy really fast, if that is the case.

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