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How to start a business in London

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26th Nov 19 2:53 pm

Thinking about starting a new business? There are many great places to do this throughout the UK but it is hard to beat London as the beating heart and business centre of the country. While the capital can be a brilliant place to launch a new business, it can also be challenging as such a big and competitive city.

Why London?

First, it is a good idea to look at why the capital is a great place for a startup. There are many reasons to open a business in London, including the fact that you have easy access to so many different people and other businesses. It is world-famous as a business city and there is the potential for great success in one of the most popular and busiest cities on the planet. Not only this, but London is filled with top talent so you can recruit the best employees by setting up here.


While there are many perks to setting up in the capital, there are also a few key challenges that you need to be aware of. The most obvious is the cost – it will cost you a significant amount more to rent or purchase commercial real estate in the capital than anywhere else in the UK. This means that you need to get your finances in order, secure enough funding and make sure that you are able to afford a space (you can find more affordable places away from the city centre).

Another major challenge is the fact that it can be so competitive with many other businesses in the capital. This is difficult for startups but with heavy investment in branding and marketing you should be able to stand out from the crowd and start to develop a positive reputation. You must also carry out thorough market research and create a detailed business plan to guide the way.


There are also a few helpful tips which can help a business to succeed when setting up in the capital. First, if you are struggling to get approved for a loan to get started then you could look into bad credit business loans which will help you to secure the funding that you need to operate in London even with a low credit score. Another top tip is to take advantage of remote working and outsourcing – this allows you to keep costs down by leasing a smaller business premises and keeping your energy bill low.

It is easy to see why so many entrepreneurs target the capital for starting a business, but it does also pose a few challenges and you need to be intelligent when laying the foundation for your company.

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