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How to reshape your marketing strategy for the “stay-at-home” trend and beyond

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14th May 20 12:58 pm

Is your business struggling during these uncertain times? Maybe it is time to reshape your marketing strategy to the current consumer trends.

The Coronavirus pandemic hit businesses in all industries really hard. Social distancing and lockdown restrictions, imposed by governments locally and worldwide to keep the virus from spreading, has left established businesses of all sizes hurting.

Now, depending on your industry, you might have noticed sales and revenue going down in these uncertain times. If that’s the case, marketing has become more critical than ever for your brand. Here’s how to reshape your marketing strategy during Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Improve your online presence

With people staying at home, and classes and jobs moving in the digital environment, it simply makes sense that you strengthen your presence in the online as well.

According to a study from Statista, in-home media consumption skyrocketed among internet users worldwide. For example, as of March 2020, social media usage grew by 44%, and messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, increased by 45%.

So, it’s no surprise that social media platforms are the place where your brand should be right now. From social media ads to posts and shoppable posts, all these strategies can help you engage your audience during the pandemic lockdown.

Support the stay-at-home recommendations

During these uncertain times, you don’t want to be that brand that doesn’t support what experts say. If experts believe that social distancing and lockdown are the best ways to protect ourselves from the virus,  then you should strategize being part of the #stayathome campaign.

Show your customers that you care about their health by informing them on how to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. You can, for example, collaborate with a medical expert who will become the face of your brand for this period and can give your audience health advice.

Stay away from claims that may be controversial

Regardless of how tempting it may be to name your posts or ads with clickbaity titles, avoid doing that by all means.

If, for example, you have an email marketing campaign going on right now, using a clickbaity title may improve your open rate. Yet, in the long term, your brand’s credibility may suffer. So, stay away from claims or any big word that may be controversial and hurt your brand’s reputation.

Keep reminding your audience that this will be over

We are not saying that you should make any claim on when the pandemic is going to be over, mainly because it can be a very controversial claim. So, leave this to experts.

However, it wouldn’t hurt if you help your customers dream about the moments when these uncertain times will pass. And, remind them that your business will still be there for them. “Once we return to normal, we could see an uptrend in markets”, says Lawrence Jemal of Icer Brands, successful entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate investor.

So, you should nurture the idea of returning to your business as soon as the lockdown is over in your customers’ minds.

Your business, like many others, took a hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, using these tips mentioned above, you can turn these uncertain times into a huge marketing opportunity.

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