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How to maximise your office space

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19th Oct 20 3:06 pm

Maximising your office space is bound to increase productivity, aid teamwork and provide a much better climate for workers to excel within. It doesn’t matter how big or small the office is, you should always look to make the most of what you have got going in that area. Every office should look to follow these key guidelines to maximise space and make the most from their space. These rules can apply at home or in your normal workplace, but all of them aim to make the most of your space in the office to create a much better atmosphere.

Declutter desks and cable management

Whilst there is other clutter in and around the office, desk clutter is a real issue for many. For maximised space and functionality desks should have only the essentials on them. With clutter on them you start to flap and suffer from over a less effective space to operate within. Decluttering this is essential to not only maximising the feeling of space within the office but also improving efficiency within the workers. Often a lot of desk space is taken up with cables from the various technological pieces of kit on desks. A simple but effective way of maximising space with regard to this is using keen cable management to not only declutter the wires, but also allow further space on the desk and create a better office furniture feng shui within your working space – ultimately improving productivity.


It may seem a tad obvious but many offices truly lack in this department and it leads to clutter both on desks and elsewhere, lack of organisation and stacks of files and documents that frankly should be stored somewhere. There are numerous funky ways which you can adopt for storage but even bog standard filing cabinets and cupboards are enough. A well placed cupboard, especially in a home office is essential for keeping everything in check. With everything in its own home you can access things much easier and also avoid clutter. There is that age old proverb after all – a clean office is a clean mind… Seriously though, with effective storage units and organised storage, documents are more efficiently accessible which increases overall office productivity and mood.

Wall space

Using walls for storage or as space dividers in offices is a contentious issue throughout workplaces up and down the land. Like marmite, some enjoy it while others hate it. But fundamentally getting rid of walls or replacing them with glass panels is a great way of creating an open plan setting in an office which fully opens it up and at the very least gives the illusion of more space. On the flip side of this, walls can provide a great option for extra storage through mounted units or shelves which can prove really useful for those lacking in other storage space. By utilising this you can further maximise space in other departments of the office in an effective trade-off. Whatever your stance is with walls in the office, either way they are useful for manipulating and maximising office space in any environment.


The effective use of aesthetics can fundamentally give the illusion of extra space. Things like extra daylight, creative artificial lighting, light and vibrant paint use or having plants in the office all act as ways of creating a more homely space that feels bigger. Even if it isn’t physically bigger the aesthetic illusion gives that feeling and will be sure to improve mood from a bog standard drab office alternative. By providing pleasing and positive aesthetics you are bound to maximise your space psychologically which will improve efficiency and productivity. This is also something that can be done in both home offices as well as official company offices.

No matter what size your office is, making the most of the space is always going to be a concern. Maximising your office space is easy enough to do and there’s loads of different options which we have laid out. By using the space well you are bound to increase productivity and efficiency in staff, lift moods and make the whole space a generally nicer place to be in. Why wouldn’t you want that, right?

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