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How to make money on SIM cards

by John Saunders
25th Jan 22 3:34 pm

Providing SIM cards to specialised platforms is a great way to earn some money. Nowadays every popular online app asks users to verify their phone number. Even if it is not mandatory, there are usually some features that cannot be accessed without going through this process. At the same time, every day people are more concerned about their privacy or creating additional accounts on different services. As a result, demand for virtual phone numbers suppliers is growing rapidly.

To join them it is required to have two things. First one is obviously SIM cards. It can come literally from any country. There are no restrictions on this at all. Second and the most important one is hardware to connect SIM cards to the server: GSM modem or GoIP gateway.

GSM modem is a type of modem that operates over subscription based wireless networks. In general it allows to use computer like a mobile phone. So there should be a SIM card installed. After installation it connects hardware to the appropriate provider and identifies the user to the carrier network. Incoming digital data converts to SMS messages that can be sent or received over the wireless network. Tariffs for sending and receiving messages correspond to the tariffs of the mobile operator as if it was a real mobile phone.

GoIP gateway is a series of communication equipment whose name comes from the combination of GSM and VoIP. It can transform the GSM network into VoIP and vice versa when making calls. In particular, GoIP gateway supports groups of several devices and provides flexible settings for large groups of GSM modems that have different channel numbers. Obviously this type of hardware is way more functional than the first one.

For connected suppliers there are basically two options to make money with their SIM cards:

  • Providing it to receive verification codes from different services;
  • Renting it out for a fixed time.

Income is determined by several factors such as country of numbers and how often SIM cards are being changed. But the most important thing about it is how many modems or gateways are available and how many port pools and SIM slots each of them has.

Start earning with your SIM cards today

Having appropriate hardware is mandatory to become a supplier. Even though at this moment you have only SIM cards, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to platforms like SMS-MAN. You can get advice on what hardware it is better to buy keeping in mind the latest trends and become their supplier later.

Partnership with established virtual number platforms includes multiple benefits at once. First of all there is no need to search for the clients. Such platforms have many regular customers. Those are ready to buy numbers once they appear in the stock.

At the same time most of the processes are automated and almost do not require your efforts. You do not need to be a programmer or have special knowledge. Specialists will carry out all the necessary steps to connect everything for you. You will have to just change SIM cards and check their performance from time to time. Detailed instructions you can find in the SMS-MAN blog.

After all this opportunity is available for everyone. No matter where you are coming from. There is always someone to buy a number from your country. Having all the necessary equipment you can become a supplier right today.

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