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How to implement cross-channel marketing

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28th Feb 22 3:00 pm

In this article, we will explore what cross-channel marketing is and the benefits of using this marketing technique. We’ll also discuss how it can help you reach customers with increased effectiveness. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

What is cross-channel marketing?

Cross-channel marketing is a digital marketing method that involves utilising a range of different marketing channels such as paid media, earned media, and owned media. This approach involves not only the use of several different marketing channels but also requires marketers to introduce various forms of data and analysis. These mediums will be used to track the success of the overall campaigns.

What’s the benefit of using cross-channel marketing?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of this digital marketing technique is its ability to reach customers in a range of different ways. For instance, younger demographics are more likely to have smartphones or devices than older demographics, therefore, you could use targeted in-app adverts to reach your younger demographic. Conversely, you could opt to run the same advertisement on television to reach the older demographic.

From the data and analytics accrued, this also enables businesses to continuously perform a form of ‘AB testing’. You’ll be able to monitor results as you go and learn which channels are more effective for reaching your target audience. What’s more, you can adapt your message to each channel bringing a more personalised advertising experience to your audience. This is the main difference between cross channel marketing and integrated marketing, which is mainly concerned with sending a unified and standardised message in all channels.

A key aspect of this technique is the goal of keeping your brand seen by your prospective customer base at all times. This method enables you to move from channel to channel with ease, and therefore, makes it simpler to achieve your goals.

Creating a successful cross-channel marketing strategy

Buyer personas

Through tools such as social listening, you can better understand not only what your customers think about your brand and similar brands, but you can also spot niche areas to target. For instance, if the conversation online about your business area relates to prices being too high, perhaps consider offering a few products at a lower price, and see if this gains the attention of the customers.

Elsewhere, you can build up profiles of your target audience to better understand the people you are attempting to reach, which will also help you to figure out the best ways to reach them too.

Use similar channels

 If you are predominately reaching customers via an app, it makes sense to offer other online channels as an alternative.

Make sure that whichever channels you choose to use within your marketing campaign, you have considered whether or not they make sense when paired with other channels.

Social media

 Regardless of whether or not you opt to use a cross-channel marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to make use of social media. These are free channels that can help you reach people quickly, whilst also enabling you to communicate with customers, sell to buyers, and collect data about them that can help you to create better advertisements.

Final thoughts

Cross-channel marketing can be a very effective strategy for all manner of businesses, from traditional brick and mortar operations to cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Bitcoin Loophole. If you’re looking to build your audience and test your products or services, it could be ideal for you.

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