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How to identify quality artificial grass

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18th Jan 19 10:49 am

The high demand of artificial grass has led to the emergence of all different types of grass in the market. With too many brands of artificial grass, it is hard for the buyer to identify the quality ones. Other than the quality of these artificial grasses, they also differ with how to install them. There are different attributes you should look at to identify quality artificial grass for your space. This article will explain the things to look out for when buying one:

1. Quality of the grass

High-quality artificial grass is made from either polyamide, polypropylene or polyethylene. Some grasses are made from a combination of the three of them. Companies like New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd have a lot of various high-quality artificial grasses you can choose from. High-quality grass will cost a little more, but they will serve you for a very long time. Do not miss out on the quality grass because of the price. Another test of quality you should consider is if the grass is fire resistant. Consider the manufacturer’s warranty and if the grass has been tested to ensure it is free from harmful things.

2. Frequency of use

Another major factor to consider when buying artificial grass is how frequently the grass will be treaded on. If the grass will be used or treaded on by people or pets for a long time, look for the toughest and high-quality grass. Choose a durable and high-quality tuft that will support frequent use.

3. The density of the grass

The grass that has much density will look lush, just like the natural grass. It is also highly durable than the grass with less density. If you intend to lay the grass on the area that will be frequently used, used the dense grass. A dense grass has more 16,500 to 18,000 yarns per square meter. The weight of properly dense grass is 3 kgs per square meter.

4. The height of the pile

Consider the height of the blades from its backing. Choosing the right height should depend on your taste. If you prefer to keep your grass lawn and short, you can go for the artificial grass with the height of 25-30 mm. If you love your grass taller, the perfect height for the grass should be between 30-38 mm.

Avoid picking the extra-long artificial grass. They may look lush and great in the beginning. However, after a short time, they will bend and your yard will look flat. The longer blades are usually heavier causing the gravity to pull them down.

5. The color of the grass

There are different shades of green to choose from. The color choice is all about personal preferences. Try to pick a natural shade of the grass. The grass should have the brown type of dried grass at the bottom. This gives the grass a natural green look. Picking a perfectly all green grass will not look that natural.

Choosing the right grass can be overwhelming, especially the first time. These tips will help you pick the high-quality artificial grass among so many types for your space.

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