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How to ensure your staff are giving 100%

by Sarah Dunsby
9th Jul 18 11:16 am

As a business owner, you want to have the best team – the dream team for want of a better term – with employees who go that extra mile. If your team is falling dangerously short of anything you wished it could be, it’s a good idea to look first at you and your business – before pointing fingers. Perhaps you aren’t providing your employees with all they need to give 100%.

Unsure where to start? This guide will help you push those who work with you to perform tasks to the very best of their capabilities.

Be transparent about your business goals

To create a positive experience for all employees, you need to believe in them, as well as trust that they are there to help your business move forward and achieve its goals. This means you need to provide employees with clear direction on where the business is heading to ensure they understand how much their jobs are valued and how their overall goals are working in conjunction with the company.

Offer regular recognition and training opportunities

Employees need to know that their skills are being used to their full potential and that their work is meaningful – show them recognition and offer opportunities in professional development. This helps them understand that what they are doing makes a difference and could push them to keep up the good work and feel more satisfied in their job.

Ensure equipment and software is up to scratch

As well as individually making employees feel good, you need to pay attention to the working environment as a whole. A good tip for this is investing in the right technology, equipping your team with the best tools.

Many businesses now use cloud based software for team management and also invest in practical solutions for HR – these ensure you can keep track of everything from holidays to wages to ensure staff are always covered. A project management system that holds customer and client information is also a good call – making everything accessible from any location, 24/7. Of course, it’s worth noting that it’s important this still meets the new GDPR protocol. Having the latest technology in place has other benefits too, including:

Reducing your team’s time making phone calls with customers/clients.

Allowing your team to work more efficiently with everything in one database.

Building a better relationship with customers and clients, as they have access to easier ways of contacting them.

Enjoying an efficient management of finances and being able to use accounting software.

Offer incentives and rewards

Incentives are always a great motivation booster too and to ensure you are getting all you need out of your employees it’s worth considering offering these in return for great work. You can offer things such as an extra paid day off, gift cards, food vouchers, team nights out – anything that shows your appreciation. Motivation is a key role when it comes keeping everyone working to their best ability and pushing themselves as much as they can.

Give your employees a say

Another factor to consider is giving your employees a say in how they do their job. Ask for their input and for suggestions on how they can improve their performance or the business as a whole. You’ll discover that they often have ideas on ways they could be more efficient or ideas to help the business but don’t quite have the confidence to speak up. Set up regular employee reviews and catch ups – so you can discuss any improvements, goals and take on any advice they may have. Give them the authority to use their own initiative too, let them know they can make customer and client decisions without always needing your approval.

Employees have high expectations for their workplace experiences – including being treated as like people, with opinions and lives beyond their role in your business. Ensure you provide everyone with the very best workplace, in turn you’ll enjoy much better results for your business and staff that give 100%.

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