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How to create a winning business culture

12th Sep 17 1:24 pm

“Winning isn’t everything.” said no one, ever. But the desire to win is!

Whoever said winning isn’t everything clearly finished in second place more often than not. Regardless of the industry your business operates in, competition is always fierce and frequent. As a result, businesses are constantly refining their operations, incorporating new technologies, processes, and most importantly, people, to ensure success.

But it’s not just recruiting the right talent, acquiring new technology or developing new processes that help businesses to beat the competition; but also, creating a desire to win and a business culture that supports it.

You may be scratching your head and thinking: “How can I create a winning business culture? Teamwork? Personal Development? Prosecco Fridays?”

The answer is a combination of all of the above!

Having developed a business culture focused on success, and established our own training academy for the continued development of our employees, we want to share our insight into what needs to be done to create a winning business culture – and support employees.

We have worked hard to create a culture based not only on continued professional development and on-demand learning, but also on fun, openness and inclusiveness. Our employees have the resources they need to educate themselves in an environment that encourages developing yourself, not just professionally, but personally which results in our team genuinely enjoying their work at Webgains.

This has led to us winning business and achieving global success with clients such as Samsung and Nike’.

1. Encouraging personal development

It’s simple. Everyone wants to advance in their career – or what’s the point of the early mornings and late nights if you don’t progress? Giving your employees the opportunity to progress and eventually move up in the business, will motivate them to work hard. For instance, we aim to promote personal development for all employees; and the Webgains Academy, is designed to do just that. By training and educating employees in an inclusive and modern learning environment, with on-demand access to resources and ongoing professional development, the Webgains Academy transforms its students into technologically-savvy, target hitting, and high performing superstars.

2. Expressing your business goals

Picture a champions league final. Before the teams walk out onto the pitch, their respective coaches will have most likely said some encouraging words to inspire and enthuse the players, getting them mentally ready for the game ahead. You must do the same for your employees!

If you – and your managers – are enthusiastic and passionate about work on a daily basis, that enthusiasm will permeate through the business and its employees. Slowly, over time, businesses can develop a workforce that is excited, switched-on and eager to succeed and triumph, creating a business culture focused on winning.

3. Boosting communication

Put down your phone and turn off your laptop because face-to-face interaction is what many businesses are neglecting to focus on. While the digital-first era has moved communication towards Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp and other applications due to their immediacy, you can’t build open and honest relationships through a screen. Face-to-face communication, while seemingly outdated in the digital-first era, is more authentic and encourages trust and teamwork – two winning and crucial components of any winning business culture.

4. Promoting fun

Now we’re not encouraging a foosball table in the meeting room or bean bag chairs instead of office chairs, but what we are encouraging is that your business allows its employees to have fun, so that they enjoy coming into work. Planning something fun socially gives employees a chance to interact with each other, have fun and be relaxed.

5. Endorsing team-work

Troy Bolton, from High School Musical, said (well sang) it best when he said: “We’re all in this together”. For businesses, a tightly-knit team and collaborative attitude creates a sense of harmony and unity, ensuring employees are on the same wavelength and working towards the same goals, helping to cultivate a winning culture.

So, to create a winning business culture for your business, you must: encourage personal development, express your business goals, boost communication, promote fun and endorse teamwork. Now go out into the world and create a winning business culture!

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