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How to adapt your online marketing strategy during the coronavirus pandemic

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1st Mar 21 3:11 pm

Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly influenced various industries’ development. So, now companies are trying to find efficient ways of improving their business strategy. During the lockdowns we have realized: the customer-centric model is one of the most important methods for successful business running. The more you engage your audience to the brand, the broader audience of loyal customers will be, and the bigger revenue your business will get. And, adapting the marketing strategy is the major aspect for achieving these targets and staying on the top among the competitors of your area.

Stay present

Various limitations and lockdowns have radically changed the way people interact with different industries, and even the most traditional routine – the shopping has moved online. The latest researches have shown that now people tend to make a purchase on the Internet. So, to keep up with the times you also have to think over the digital strategy for your business.

After making the detailed case studies, it becomes obvious that business digitalization is a must for its successful growth. For instance, Kinsta states that in 2017 worldwide e-commerce reached $2.3 trillion in sales, which is expected to double in 2021. By providing your customers with a choice of buying in a shop or online, you will greatly widen the audience.

Besides, it is also crucial to account for the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and use them for developing new marketing ideas. As an example, you can create exclusive sales promotions, make personalized offers, discounts, or deals on some products or services. This will help your brand to be on the same page with your final consumers and provide them with emotional support as well.

A great example of the staying present concept is the SATS gym initiative of adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. By hosting the gym classes for the public they are greatly enlarging the audience, which will be remembered long after the pandemic is over.

Stress on the product relevance

Every marketing strategy is based on calling consumers to make a purchase. That is why it is important to show its usability and indispensability to potential consumers. By presenting all the benefits and strong sides of the product or service, you can encourage the clients to consider the purchase which results in a revenue increase.

The product relevance implies customer engagement, boosting their knowledge about the brand, and improving their experience. As a result, this aspect not only changes the consumers’ opinion about the product but also changes their behavior, and sustains it.

Specialist of dissertation writing services UK claims that the brand, product, or service relevance can be implemented in different methods. For instance, you can make a series of posts on social media by introducing some useful tips or insights about your brand. Or else, introduce the ways on how products can be helpful during the pandemic. A great example of this method is the Heinz campaign, where the product advantages are presented in the Covid-19 pandemic. The main message “Breakfast isn’t going anywhere” emphasizes the product relevance during the hard times caused by the quarantine.

Consequently, that method will encourage consumers to make a purchase and significantly improve brand awareness during the pandemic.

Interact with your target audience

For building a successful marketing strategy, it is important to establish a strong connection with your audience. Always keeping in touch with your customers is one of the best ways to improve your brand awareness. And that’s the main point every business should focus on for adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By increasing the touchpoints and providing emotional support during the pandemic and after it, you can greatly enlarge your audience. Joel Sanders, the Stasher luggage storage representative suggests using social media as advice or positive messaging platforms. The relevant pandemic content such as the products’ insights, useful tips, or helpful pieces of advice will greatly help you to stay in touch with your audience. Additionally, you can get in touch with your consumers using informative emails, live streaming, webinars & online events.

For instance, the Vodafone telecom company makes its focus on people’s emotional connection during the pandemic. It is shown by the marketing slogan “Even when we can’t be close – we can be together”. So, remember, the main secret of audience engagement is to provide constant interaction between your consumers and the brand.


As you see, the marketing strategy has been greatly transformed by the pandemic. That’s why you have to adapt your business to the current state of affairs to stay competitive and meet the final consumers’ expectations. For this purpose, make a strong focus on staying present, interacting with your audience, and improving the product relevance during the corona crisis. The main target is to reach your customers, improve the connection between the brand and its clients, and provide strong support in the hardest times. These methods won’t only help you to retain the customers but also improve their loyalty and brand awareness as well. So, apply the changes right now and you’ll see the results!

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