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How often should I clean my gutters?

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17th Sep 20 5:16 pm

Gutters sit at the top of your home meaning you probably don’t give them much thought. Whatsmore, you only see the underneath of them and not what’s inside of them. As a result, they could be in a much worse state than you realise. Ideally, your gutters need to be cleaned twice a year in the spring and autumn. That’s because the different seasons bring all kinds of debris into your gutters which can cause blockages.

Why is gutter cleaning important and how do you go about doing it? If you are looking at getting your gutters cleaned, here is everything you need to know. Don’t forget, you can also hire professional cleaners near you to help clean your gutters.

Why is cleaning my gutters important?

Gutters are there to collect rainwater from your roof and transport it into the drains. If your gutters are blocked then they aren’t able to perform this crucial task. As a result, the excess water could damage the foundations holding up your home because the excess rainwater affects the surrounding soil. Depending on where the water is falling out, it can also contribute to damp and mould in your home. Therefore, regular cleaning of your gutters should be undertaken to avoid any issues.

Signs your gutters need cleaning

Homeowners tend to notice a problem with their gutter when the water spills out over the sides, or if the gutters start to sag. If water isn’t draining properly at the bottom, then you could either have a blockage in the gutter or the downpipe. Also, if any birds have been nesting in your gutter then it’s likely full of debris that is preventing adequate water flow. If you have a tree near your property, leaves, twigs or even helicopter seeds can cause blockages too.

How to clean your gutters

Using a secure ladder, climb up to the height of your gutter. It’s helpful to take a bucket up there with you that is hooked to the ladder, as well as a scoop and a pair of protective gloves. The first task is to scoop out all the physical debris such as leaves and twigs. You’ll then need to use a hose with a gutter extension to swill out all of the remaining dirt. Check that the gutters are in good shape and don’t have any cracks or leaks that need repairing. Also ensure the water is flowing correctly, as there may be a blockage in your downpipe if not.

Find local gutter cleaners near me

Gutter cleaning is essential to maintain good rainwater drainage. As well as needing to be done regularly, it can also be very physically demanding too. If you aren’t confident doing the work yourself or if you simply don’t have time, then it’s a good idea to call in an expert.

With Bark, it couldn’t be easier to find local gutter cleaners who will get the job done safely and efficiently for you. If your gutters have become clogged or if you can’t remember the last time they were cleaned, then it’s probably time to schedule a gutter cleaning.

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