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How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost on average

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17th Jun 20 4:03 pm

Before we dive into the variety of answers about how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost, let’s clear out what end of tenancy cleaning actually is. If you are about to end your tenancy and you want to secure your deposit is a 100% refund, then you need to make sure the apartment, flat, or house is professionally cleaned and ready for the next tenants. The place should look exactly as it did when you first moved in.  Some owners also choose this type of cleaning when they are getting ready for new tenants. However, this is a service mostly chosen for the end of a tenancy. Some landlords are picky and don’t always wish to make a full refund, so they could cavil about the condition of their place. Basically, deposits in their essence are anti-damage insurance against the room or place you will use. But sometimes landlords tend to get into a detailed overview of the place due to their lack of desire to give back the money.

What’s the average price for end of tenancy cleaning?

This is a tricky question as different types of lodgings require different time and effort for a full clean up. As you might think, a person will take more time to clean a one-bedroom apartment than one with three bedrooms. The same goes for the condition the place is in, the additional requirements, etc. All of those cases suggest different prices. Even with the price rising for different lodges, don’t forget this is definitely worth the investment as it can’t be compared to regular cleaning.

What does the price depend on?

There are many factors that can change the final price of the professional cleaning company you choose to rely on. Some companies take into consideration the size of the property as number one factor. This means not only square centimeters but also how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, etc. Furthermore, if the condition of the apartment is far from normal this could lead to additional payments. There are additional cleaning services that can also modify the price. These are for example carpet cleaning, balcony cleaning, thorough sofas cleaning (upholstery), or else. Before you call and ask for a professional end of tenancy cleaning, make sure you check your tenancy agreement and not miss something.

How much does it cost?

The average prices in the UK, for example, start from £90 – 98 for a basic studio flat. 1 Bedroom around £110 – 132, 2 Bedrooms –  £130 – 154 and 3 Bedrooms – £160 – 194. This can rise up to 40% for deep carpet cleaning. And as stated above, these prices are not final and they tend to vary depending on the additional conditions the apartment requires.

Why should you choose end of tenancy cleaning? 

Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners can be costly and some might think overpriced. But the truth is, the quality of their works is beyond expectations. Not only is it a time-consuming activity, but it requires more than just a few detergents. Professionals have additional machines and tools that are a part of their thorough cleaning.

What to look for when hiring end of tenancy cleaning?

In conclusion, we would like to share some additional tips for when it comes to choosing the right company for you. Make sure you have double-checked the services of the company. Does it include all activities you wish, does their offer include additional fees or does it cover everything? Of course, don’t also forget to check reviews for their services.

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