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How do the most expensive hotel rooms in the world look?

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Mar 24 12:20 pm

Hotels can of course vary a great deal, but one thing that they tend to share is an attempt to impress the visitor in a number of ways. One of the main ways that this is achieved is normally through the presentation of the room, and that’s something that is approached in a lot of different ways. It’s actually vital for hotels to think about this at every stage, from the initial inception of the room design to the maintenance and cleaning schedule later on.

So what about the most expensive hotel rooms? These are obviously going to be some of the most beautiful in the world, and whether or not you have stayed in some of these yourself, you might be wondering what they actually tend to look like. Here are some of the main elements that the most expensive hotel rooms in the world tend to have, and what they normally look like.


One of the main factors is that these rooms tend to be grand in scale and in nature. In other words, they are of course generally of a bigger scale than more affordable rooms, and that is reflected in the sheer increase in floor space. You are more likely to have a full suite with several rooms rather than just one room, for instance. And this is something that will be immediately obvious the moment you step in the room.

But it’s not just the actual size of the room. It’s also the sense of the place, and this is something that can be played with to achieve this same grand effect. With a general feeling of grandness, you always know you are in one of the fancier hotel rooms for sure.


Although there are many different styles that a hotel can take on, and they might be pursued for all sorts of reasons, a good majority of the world’s most expensive rooms tend to adopt a modern approach to aesthetics. This is the kind of look that people who are paying top dollar generally want to have, so it’s hardly surprising that this is what those hotels go for. The modern look is generally quite beautiful and visually impressive, and that of course helps with improving the whole experience too.

So what is it that actually helps to achieve that modern look? There are a few elements and factors that will normally be involved. The colours will often be relatively neutral and even quite calming – think pastels rather than bold colouring. And there will be a focus on natural appearances in the chosen materials, such as silk, wood and marble.

There will usually also be careful consideration over how the walls are decorated. Usually, that means that the hotel will have hung some modern wall prints to help give a touch of class and elegance to the place. The modern look is one that you will usually find in expensive hotel rooms.


When paying a lot for a hotel room, however, it’s not really enough that it is simply modern and grand. You also want it to be different in some obvious, visual way. And so, the most expensive hotel rooms tend to have some feature or facet to them which makes them truly unique. That might simply be achieved through a trick of interior design, or it could be that the room has some outstanding features you don’t normally find in hotel rooms around the world.

For instance, a huge fish tank could takeup one wall. Or perhaps you are staying somewhere like the Finnish Ice Hotel, so your room will literally be a luxury igloo under the stars. There are countless ways that a unique feeling can be achieved, but it’s certainly something you should expect from the more expensive hotel rooms.


And finally, you will also want some amazing views, as that is one of the main things you would be paying for. A room with a view is always going to be better, and the most expensive hotel rooms in the world certainly manage to provide this in spades. There are, of course, many kinds of views, from sea views to city views and more, and it all depends on the location, as well as the height of the room.

As you can see, there are a few things to expect from some of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms.

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