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How custom printing is changing the interior design industry

by John Saunders
22nd Nov 21 11:09 am

The possibilities of contemporary printing are nearly endless – today any image can be printed on almost any substrate. And since images make up an essential part of many interior décor schemes, it follows that advances in custom printing are impacting the design industry too. In cooperation with one of the leading custom printing companies in the UK market, My-Picture.co.uk, we investigate the trends that will be dominant in the printing and design fields in the coming years.

The rise of personalised design

As in so many other sectors, demand is growing for personalised products in the design industry. Identical, mass-produced décor pieces are no longer considered acceptable – and neither are copycat interiors nabbed from design magazines. People want to incorporate their personal stories and experiences into their home décor, and the printing industry has found ways to cater to this.

Today’s buyers can get their own photos printed as custom wall art or home accessories – in a level of quality to rival professional photo reproductions. This trend has revolutionised the printing industry and the design field in general – it’s now possible to create personalised décor from any picture and transform your cherished memories into tangible design features.

More options for photo display

Personalised wall art is just one of the many décor options available. Home accessories printed with the buyers’ photos are quickly coming into their own too.  Of course, items like photo mugs and printed blankets have been around for some time already – but new printing techniques and changes in home décor trends have given these products a whole new life.

In the past printed accessories were often cheap, rather tacky gifts bought mainly for their novelty value – and hardly used after purchase. But these days a personalised blanket can have all the aesthetic impact of a classic photo display on the wall. Established companies that offer printed home textiles are delivering high-end printing and quality fabrics too.

Affordability and quality

Interior design used to be notorious for the financial outlay required, and many professional design companies still cater exclusively to a moneyed clientele. However, the demand for cheaper décor solutions has always been present in the market, and now the custom printing industry has found a way to meet these demands.

Thanks to advances in custom printing, it’s now possible to design unique wall décor on your home PC – everything is done online and the whole process from image upload to checkout takes just a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, buyers are no longer prepared to settle for underwhelming print quality, even in the low-cost sector – My-Picture.co.uk note that customers always expect excellent-quality prints regardless of the price they’re paying.

It will be worth keeping a close watch on how this demand for budget products at top-level quality impacts the whole wider décor industry in the longer term.

What does the future hold for digital printing?

It’s safe to say that the demand for customised print products will continue to rise. In the most important retail period, the Christmas season, personalisation is setting the mood for the whole industry, as people seek gifts that feel unique rather than mass-produced. Printing companies that want to stay competitive need to respond to this demand and broaden their product range with new custom-designed merchandise.

The prospects of digital printing have been directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic too. As with many other fields, the printing industry as a whole has taken a considerable hit – but digital printing companies that remained open right through the crisis have managed to improve their market positions.

All the lockdowns and travelling restrictions meant that people were spending most of their time at home, so online demand for home décor products spiked. Even though sales today may not be as high as in 2020, printing companies that secured a stable presence in the market when restrictions were at their toughest are likely to remain the market leaders – as long as they continue to deliver high-quality prints at affordable prices.

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