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How can small and medium businesses attract international customers with the use of QR codes

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24th May 21 10:32 am

With an ultimate goal to gain recognition and customers worldwide, businesses scour different marketing and operations ways to open a new line of patrons.

And through their various operations and marketing A and B tests, two important means were identified, readiness to pitch their product to fresh customers and capability of their marketing and operations materials to become multi-lingual at any time and anywhere.

As readiness is can be easily achieved by businesses that gain success in its origin of enterprise, pulling off multi-lingual operations materials is can be hard for them. Because of that, they will need to find a better technology to maintain the seamless language change configurations on all their website and data input.

With today’s market buzz for the use of QR codes is increasing, the technology it houses today can make the international business setup easier and convenient.

How to attract international customers with QR codes?

As all of the business prospects have been approached and utilised by established enterprises, businesses and brands that have the potential to be known internationally are retargeting their customers with international customers.

And for them to do that, they will need a special QR code type that will house all their globalisation needs with one generation. The type they will need is a multi-URL QR code where they can seamlessly create a location and language-specific content in one code.

In attracting international customers with QR codes, here are two easy ways on how they can easily do it.

Attach a target-specific content

With the use of QR codes, businesses that plan to go international can embed target-specific content into one code. For them to do that, they will input different types of content for their target customers inside the code using a QR code generator with logo online to generate their target specific QR codes with logo in it.

If their target customer lives in an agriculture-driven area, the code they scan will lead them to the content about how to farm better with the product they sell and compel them in buying their product. In this way, their marketers will not have to worry about how to market their products individually.

Have the same data with different languages embedded in one code

As going international means penetrating new customers with different beliefs, cultures, locations, and languages, businesses need to have a different version of the resources they have for their target customers.

And as a way for customers to better understand the product and services they are selling to them, the use of a multilingual QR code to embed the information with different languages will automatically lead the person who scans the with the default language they have in their phones.

How to make a Multi-URL QR code?

Since not all QR code makers available online can create a multi-URL QR code, you will need a QR code generator that has this feature and the content you want to embed into the code.

After finding the QR code generator that offers multi-URL QR code generation, here are the other steps that you will need to make a multi-URL QR code.

  1. Open and sign up for the QR code generator online.
  2. Select the multi-URL category and select the options of the content you want to embed (i.e. select language if your information/data has different language inputs in it)
  3. Generate the dynamic QR code
  4. Customise your QR code’s design
  5. Run a series of scan test
  6. Download and Deploy your code.


As globalisation intensifies its means of connecting people from different regions with the use of technology and the internet, many entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to make these connections an easy way to become internationally recognised by people.

Because of that, the competition between small and large enterprises intensifies. But with their competition, the goal towards going global is a matter of gaining new international customers in a budget-friendly matter.

With QR codes as one of the budget-friendly marketing and operations tools that they can use today, the future for auto-translate business engagements between two different entities becomes possible.


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