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How can I make my office more welcoming?

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Apr 22 2:31 pm

When you run your own company, you may be responsible for the look and feel of your commercial property. The décor and designs you use can affect how inviting the place is, both for clients and your employees. To create a more positive workspace, you might want to consider making some changes to the layout, as well as items that are found within it. These alterations don’t need to be overly expensive. In fact, some of the more minor adjustments you make could have quite a significant impact.

A workplace that lacks a personal touch can feel quite cold to those that work there. You might want to offer employees the chance to have some of their favourite images up on the walls to breathe some life into the place. If possible, you could allow employees to craft a print at hello canvas which can then be hung by their workstation or cubicle.

This may not only make them feel happier about being there but can also motivate them to do their best simply by knowing their employer cares about their life and wellbeing. In public spaces where visitors might be, you’ll want to think about landscapes or popular designs, so as to not allow strangers to view personal images of your team. Although black and white prints can look incredibly sleek and professional, the use of colour prints may be more well-received.

Giving your staff and visitors the means of replenishing themselves can also make the office look that much more welcoming. While you may already have a water cooler or fountain installed, sometimes people might want something different. There can be a number of benefits to having a coffee machine in the office. This could help to make employees feel more valued, and even cut down on lost time where people have left the building to go and get their preferred drink. Visitors might also appreciate being able to have a drink while they discuss their needs, and part with their money, at your establishment.

Dark and dreary offices can make people feel tired and rundown. You may find that, due to this, the level of productivity suffers. Therefore, you might want to consider how you can increase natural light within the building. This might involve switching out the current window coverings for those that do not impede the light’s ability to get through or even rearranging the way your offices look to stop equipment and furniture blocking out that light. When doing this, you may also need to consider the placement of any screens, such as computer monitors or laptops, to avoid glare from the light hurting your employees’ eyes.

A welcoming office can be a more pleasant place to both work and visit. Making changes to the way you furnish each room, as well as the amenities and decorations the space contains, could make people feel more comfortable when entering, or working in, your building.

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