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How an MVHR system can save your business money

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20th May 20 10:23 am

Savvy entrepreneurs recognise the importance of implementing cost-saving measures that aren’t detrimental to service quality or employee wellness. Every successful solution can leave you with more capital for meaningful growth. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are one such solution.

Their purpose is simple – expel polluted air and replace it with fresh air from outside, but not before extracting any heat that can then be retained to reduce wastage. This is done through two pipes, which are kept separate to prevent cross-contamination. Depending on the structure of your building, a custom MVHR system will likely have to be made.

Is that a worthwhile investment? Let’s take a look at how your business can save money by having one installed.

Workplace safety

Airborne contaminants are a major issue in today’s business premises. An MVHR unit can be an effective way to ensure that the air within your offices and warehouses is as clean as possible. It does this by expelling indoor air and with it, all the chemicals and pollutants it contains, bringing in outdoor air that is two to five times cleaner.

As a result, your premises are safer and healthier for all who work in them. This means fewer sick days and more projects completed in a shorter period of time, which can save you from a great deal of unnecessary expenditure.


The process of having an MVHR system brought to your business and installed in your premises is in and of itself a way to save money, as most suppliers allow you to order the unit online and receive express delivery, as well as professional installation. The same cannot be said when buying alternative systems.

Granted, you can only expect this kind of service quality from a reputable company. With this in mind, the following link can provide more information: https://www.bpcventilation.ie/.

Carbon footprint

Looking to improve your green credentials? Your customers will be more interested in dealing with your business if they know it to be environmentally friendly, which can result in more sales and less money spent on marketing. By installing an MVHR unit, you can proudly advertise that you’ve taken measures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy savings

Of course, MVHR systems are far more energy-efficient than competing solutions. A case study conducted by Calibrate found that an office block where an MVHR system was installed enjoyed a reduction in running costs of almost £100,000. In the long run, the unit essentially pays for itself.

It’s also worth noting that an MVHR system’s heat-retention abilities mean that you might not have to use electric heating in winter, as well as a humidifier, which can further lower your utility bill.

The cost of installing an MVHR system in your business can vary depending on the way your property is built. In any case, you can expect some considerable savings in the long run, and it won’t be long before the system pays itself off. From there on, it’s only more money that you can put to better use.

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