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How Abdulla Al Humaidi splits his skills between fields

by John Saunders
5th Jul 21 4:54 pm

Are you a business professional seeking to branch out of your narrow field? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common goal that many of our readers have reached out to us about. In order to gain greater insight into this common topic of inquiry, you may find it helpful to look to the example of those who have been successful in this pursuit before you. To that end, today we’re highlighting the case of Abdulla Al Humaidi, CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding Group. The business leader has built an enduring career cantered around building skills in multiple fields and we’ll spend time below exploring how that’s manifested in his work.

Abdulla Al Humaidi and tourism

For many in the international business community, Abdulla Al Humaidi is synonymous with the broader field of tourism. This is because the CEO has been responsible for some of the most exciting developments in this field in recent history. One stand out in this area is the Aqueous Resort, which recently completed construction at its location in Egypt along the Red Sea. The resort is home to a mix of long-term and short-term areas of residence that allow visitors of many different types to spend time there.

The resort has also built a name for itself by the way it caters to groups and promotes the concept of bringing individuals together with the people they care about. This has been a guiding principle in the career of the CEO, who works closely with his family and incorporates his relationship with them in many different aspects of his life. To this end, the exterior of the project has been built to incorporate a series of smaller areas that allow for gatherings of many different sizes. These areas have natural and artificial elements that section them off from one another but still allow for a significant sense of flow in the outdoor spaces. These elements include trees, pools, seating areas, and much more. Taken together, this has helped the resort catch the attention of travellers seeking a temporary stay for their family or group of friends.

Another striking element of the resort is the manner in which it integrates with its surrounding area to promote nearby attractions for visitors. To this end, the resort provides the ability to book underwater tours of the sea, replete with diving lessons and opportunities to interact with wildlife in the area. For visitors seeking to take in the culture of the area, the resort collaborates with local restaurants and merchants to provide an authentic slice of life in the historic region.

Connecting travellers with city life

While the efforts of Abdulla Al Humaidi to bring more people to the Red Sea region have already met with plenty of success, the CEO’s aspirations in the tourism industry don’t stop there. Rather than maintain his focus on that narrow part of the field, he has broadened his efforts to include building tourist attractions in major cities as well. This has become a particularly big focus for the CEO’s company of late as it has announced plans to open a new theme park in London in 2024.

The plan for the theme park has provoked comparisons to some of the other major players in the theme park industry and has already set the project apart as one of the most exciting to come along in the space in quite some time. The plan entails a variety of themed lands that will include rides, commerce, and dramatic performances that all tie into a particular land’s primary theme. In so doing, the theme park promises to be a transformative experience that can again bring families and other groups together in a new and exciting setting.

The CEO’s transition from building a resort in a less-trafficked area of Egypt to the creation of a theme park in one of the world’s largest urban hubs helps to showcase his dedication to introducing variety into his career. This dedication has not only been part of a larger initiative of diversification but it has also been conceived of as a way to make the greatest impact possible with his set of skills. This has allowed him to serve customers across the world and make fundamental changes to the ways in which the global population engages in tourism.

Football club another focus of Abdulla Al Humaidi

While one might assume that the business aspirations of Abdulla Al Humaidi are confined primarily to tourism, the CEO has also made his mark on a number of other fields as well. This is perhaps best seen through his ownership of Ebbsfleet United, an English professional football club based in Northfleet, Kent. The club has a vast historical legacy and has served as a fixture in its community since it was founded in 1946. That legacy has encompassed numerous championships and other league honours.

It was with full recognition of this storied past that the Kuwaiti European Holding Group CEO took over as owner and chairman of the club. In so doing, he sought to build upon the club’s already impressive legacy and bring even more opportunities to deepen this legacy moving forward. He has also made the club’s connection to its community a particular focus of his efforts, understanding the important role the club has traditionally played for its supporters.

These efforts have been met warmly by supporters and have served to once again underscore the ways in which the CEO is able to split his skills between different fields. By maintaining his focus on the people he’s serving, he’s been able to make a positive impact on those who interact with his business.

Pulling it all together

The above look at Abdulla Al Humaidi and his many business interests provides a useful look into the work of a top-tier global success story. As the CEO has built out his skills and understanding of various areas, he’s also been able to expand the reach and impact of his business operations. This has helped bring his business offerings to more people and also make a significant change in the industries in which he operates.

This example can perhaps be most useful for entrepreneurs seeking a way forward in their own careers. While the pursuit of growing one’s business can sometimes be difficult, it can also be a worthwhile goal for anyone willing to learn from the success of others. By looking to the CEO’s operations and seeing how they might apply to one’s own endeavors, entrepreneurs can bolster their efforts to excel in their fields. Consider taking the above insights to heart and looking to additional sources chronicling similar careers in order to give yourself the best chance for business success.

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