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How a plant based diet can help you save money, improve your health and save the planet

by LLB Reporter
26th May 22 7:42 am

According to Finder around 14% of Brits follow some sort of meat-free diet. These range from veganism and pescetarianism to the most popular, vegetarianism. 7% of the British population has followed a vegetarian diet in the past year.

Research shows vegetarianism especially attracts younger consumers, as 11% of Brits under 20 follow this diet compared to 6% of those over 40s.

A meat-free diet is considered more and more common – the number could rise to 23% of the population by 2023. Mintel recorded up to 39% of people who limit meat consumption in their day-to-day diet. With the rising popularity of plant-based diets, most restaurants offer multiple vegetarian options to appeal to this target audience. Many have chosen to set over 50% of their menu meat-free if not more.

National Vegetarian Week starts on Monday 16th of May, and TV home shopping retailer Thane UK is keen to encourage Brits to try a vegetarian diet.

“There are lots of reasons why people are turning vegetarian, and it is much more complex than just saving animals or eating healthier, more nutritious meals” says Lindsay-Jane Vines, President of Thane UK and North America. “There are big benefits for your health – reducing cholesterol, losing weight and increasing energy levels. And it’s better for the environment too,” adds Vines.

Eat greener for a healthier planet

Meat production generates a lot of carbon emissions, which in turn contributes negatively to climate change. So, eating less meat is better for the environment, reducing the vast amounts of land, fuel and water that are needed to sustain the industry.

Go more veg and save more money

In 2022, many people are seeing a big rise in the cost of living. Meat can be an expensive addition to a weekly shop. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that people choose vegetarian cooking to save money. What’s more, according to Thane, with cooking oils in short supply right now, you can cook oil-free too and save on energy bills.

“If you are thinking of going vegetarian, even for just a single day each week, one thing we’d recommend investing in is a FlavorStone Diamond pan. With its super non-stick surface, you can cook delicious vegetarian meals with no oil or fat”, Vines explains.

“The FlavorStone Diamond is square-shaped, which means you get roughly 25% more cooking area inside the pan. So, it’s great for batch cooking, helping you to cook more food in less time – saving up to 30% in energy costs and keeping more money in your pocket” she adds.

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