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Households can save £151 on water bills with these top tips as bills increase

by LLB Reporter
28th Mar 23 10:40 am

Annual water bills are set to rise by around 7.5% in England and Wales from April. On average we use around 179 litres of water per day, but how much of this is wasted? Reducing our water waste will help combat the increase in bills as well as support the environmental impacts of water waste.

Martin Smith, a spokesperson from bath retailer Showers to You has provided top tips to help households reduce their water waste and save on their bills.

  1. Invest in a water jug
    You could save around £20 per year if you invest in a water jug to keep in the fridge to have cold water when you need it.

Martin Smith states “Around 4 litres of water is wasted every time we go to the tap and wait for the cold water to fill our cup. This equates to around 28 litres of water being wasted a day.”

  1. Have a shower instead of a bath
    If you reduced your shower time by one minute you could save around £15 on your water bills per year. Every minute spent in a power shower uses around 17 litres of water.

    “Go the extra mile and collect the water wasted while you’re waiting for your shower to warm up to water your plants!” Smith shares.

  2. Tea drinkers beware!
    Only fill the kettle up with how much water you need. This will save water and could save around £11 per year on your energy bills.
  3. Stop the drips!
    Around 5,300 litres of water a year could be wasted on dripping taps. Make sure taps are fully turned off and fix any drips as this could save around £11 per year.
  4. Fill the Dishwasher
    Around 6,000 litres of water a year could be saved from switching to a dishwasher, but remember, don’t rinse your dishes as this can waste around 1,000 litres of water every year. This could save you around £14 per year!
  5. Turn the taps off!
    Turning the taps off while brushing your teeth could save around 24 litres of water a day, this could save a staggering £18 per year.  Turning the taps off when washing your hands could save around 2 litres of water per wash, this equates to a further £6 per year!
  6. Use a washing up bowl
    A washing up bowl whilst doing the dishes can save water and washing-up liquid! Swapping for a washing up bowl could save around 6 litres of water per minute, that’s around £22 per year.
  7. Ditch the hose
    Using a hose for half an hour can use around 500 litres of water. Swap it for a watering can so you can keep track of your usage.
  8. Wash wisely
    Make use of your washing machines settings. Switch to eco, use shorter wash times and make sure you only put your washing machine on when your load is full.
  9. Switch to a water meter
    Adding a water meter could save around £45 per year!
    Martin Smith states “Using a water meter will help keep track of your water consumption and encourage you to make a conscious effort to reduce your water waste!”

Implementing these top tips could potentially save each household up to £151 per year on your water bills.

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