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Horrific ‘apocalyptic’ images of 2,000 civilians sheltering in the besieged Ukrainian steel plant who are ‘under fire 24 hours a day’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Apr 22 3:28 pm

“Apocalyptic” images have been released from inside that Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol where there are at least 2,000 civilians sheltering inside from Russian forces.

Mariupol’s city council said there are at least 2,000 Ukrainian civilians sheltering inside along with injured marines and medics.

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Azovstal has become the last stronghold in Mariupol as heroic Ukrainians are still repelling the Russian attacks so they cannot create a land corridor between Crimea and the Donbas region.

Mariupol’s city council said in a statement accompanying the photos, “This is what the hospital in one of Azovstal’s shelters looks like.

“Terrible photos. But the world needs to know what is going on. They are under fire 24 hours a day from the Russian army. Continuously.

“And it’s not just military personnel at the plant. Most people are civilians. There are at least 2,000 civilians at the Azovstal plant. Women, children, and the elderly.

“There are many wounded. In unsanitary and terrible conditions. Without medication. The shortage of drinking water and food is catastrophic.

“The people must be rescued immediately.”

The Institute for Study of War reported that Russian forces continue to bomb the steel plant and carry out manoeuvres around its perimeter.

They wrote, “Ukrainian forces likely still hold important positions beyond the plant itself, and Russian forces continue to fight outside the plant, bomb the plant, and assault positions near the plant.

“Putin’s order not to chase Ukrainian defenders into the tunnels and catacombs of the facility evidently did not preclude continued efforts to secure at least the entire perimeter of the plant and likely also the important M14 highway that runs along it to the north and northwest.”

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