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Home safety tips everyone needs to know about

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1st Apr 22 2:19 pm

Our homes are the one place where we should all feel safe. Not only is it a place to seek privacy, but it’s also a relaxing escape from the complexities of everyday life. If you want to maintain the safety of your home, there are a few things you can do to help. It is important to note that if you live with others, they too must do their bit to maintain the safety of your home.

This helpful guide will discuss six home safety tips in more detail. We cover it all, from securing windows and doors – to installing security lights.

Never leave a candle unattended

Candles have become a popular piece of home décor. Not only do they create a cosy feel, but they also look aesthetically pleasing. However, candles can pose a huge risk to your home. If left unattended, a burning candle can cause a house fire in a matter of minutes. It has been reported that candles have been the leading cause of thousands of house fires around the UK. A figure that is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

So, what’s the solution? Replace your scented candles and tea lights with LED ones. LED candles look almost identical, and they are available in a range of different sizes and shapes. Instead of lighting a flame, you switch them on. You no longer have to worry if you leave a candle unattended. If you knock over an LED candle, it will also inflict no danger onto you and your loved ones as there is no flame.

Keep doors and windows locked

Is your home as secure as you think? For example, do all of your windows and doors have locks? If the answer is no, you should take time installing these locks as they will deter burglars away from your home. You should always try and keep your doors locked when you are at home. Even though you are inside the property, someone could still try and come in. If you have young children, they may also try to escape, putting them in a highly dangerous situation.

If you are going out for the day, make an effort to check that all windows and doors are locked before you leave. These are easy entry points for a burglar, so you want to make sure the property is not accessible from the outside. When it comes to window and door locks, there are many different types. It is advised that you conduct some online research to find the right ones for your home.

Avoid smoking in your home

It may shock you that cigarettes continue to be the single biggest killer in house fires across the UK. The reason for this is careless disposal. Some people who smoke fail to put out their cigarettes correctly. If you want to smoke at home, the safest way you can do this is by smoking outside. Ensure that you have an ashtray to put out the cigarette. If possible, avoid smoking inside your property altogether.

Recently, e-cigarettes have become very popular. Not only are they used to help people quit smoking, but they are also a lot safer to use in the home than cigarettes. Check out this article which discusses the ways in which e-cigs reduce house fires. Unlike a cigarette, dropping an e-cig onto the carpet in your home will not cause a fire. So, if you like to smoke in the comfort of your own home, consider swapping that cigarette for an e-cig instead.

Keep medication in a locked cabinet

This safety tip holds huge importance if you have young children at home. If you have any medication in your house, you must make sure it is kept in a locked cabinet. If the wrong person was to get hold of it, the consequences could be fatal. It would be best if you always read the label of your medication before you store it and follow any instructions it gives.

You can purchase a locked cabinet or box from your local hardware store. Failing that, you will easily find one online too. If you take prescription medication, try not to talk about this in front of your children. They may become curious and want to look for it. After all, a pill/medicine can look like a sweet to many children. To protect them, it is best to avoid talking about it in front of them. If possible, don’t mention where your medicine cabinet is.

Be wary about sharing personal information online

Social media platforms continue to take the world by storm. In the UK alone, there are 45 million active social media users. People use these platforms to interact with their friends and share small snippets of their life. However, you should be wary about sharing your personal information online. Criminals will use these platforms to find out information about people’s lives so they can later target and burgle their homes.

Avoid putting pictures up of the outside of your home online. This makes it very easy for thieves to know where you live. If possible, you should avoid sharing too much information about your home. Criminals will examine pictures of your home to identify potential entry points. Photos of the inside of your home also show thieves your personal belongings. For example, posting pictures of your expensive new TV could make you an easy target.

There are plenty of internet safety tips online that you should look at. Often, we don’t realise how easy it can be for criminals to find out personal information about us. Be cautious about who views your social media posts. Make your accounts private and only ever accept people you know. Regularly changing your passwords is also a good tip as it helps to enhance your security.

Install a security light

You will tend to find potential intruders are more likely to try and invade a property during the night. As it is dark, there is less chance of people seeing them. Luckily, there is something you can do to deter thieves away at night. Installing a security light is a sure-fire way to keep people away. If someone steps onto your dark pathway during the night, it will immediately illuminate that area.

If you are going to install a security light, you want to place them near the entry points of your home, such as your pathway, windows and doors. Most security lights are built with motion sensors, so they will automatically come on the second someone steps in front of it. If you are interested in installing one in your home, it is recommended that you research some of the best security lights currently on the market as there are many choices.


Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. However, there are things in life that can threaten your home’s safety, such as burglars and thieves. Luckily, if you follow these safety tips above, you can seek peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe. When leaving your home unattended, Always ensure that all doors and windows are locked when leaving your home. Be vigilant online, and don’t trust people with your personal information. Finally, if you want to enhance the security around your home, consider installing devices like security lights to deter intruders away.

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