Heathrow Airport: Terminal 3 evacuated after a fire alert


Here’s what happened

Passengers who were at Heathrow Airport’s, terminal 3 were evacuated Tuesday afternoon as the terminals fire alarm went off.

Passengers were directed to the fire safety points outside of the terminal where fire marshalls and police were waiting.

A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport said: “Terminal 3 was evacuated due to a fire alarm. This was a false alarm and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Passengers will shortly be allowed back inside the terminal following this incident.”

Furious passenger took to social media and posted these tweets on Twitter:

Passengers were clearly bemused, this passenger said on Twitter: “”Now you can turn back”. 30 minutes stuck. If this was a test, has definitely proved the point that #Heathrow T3 cannot be safely evacuated.”

A furious passenger posted this tweet:

This passenger tweeted:

Heathrow Airport said on Twitter: “Our teams have investigated and there is no fire in T3 despite the alarm. Passengers will be directed back into the terminal shortly.”