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Harry warned his family ‘at risk of suicide bomb retaliation’ and he’s ‘played beautifully into the hands of the Taliban’

by LLB staff reporter
10th Jan 23 3:27 pm

Prince Harry has been warned by an international security specialist that his family are “at risk of a suicide bomb” in retaliation for his claims he killed 25 Taliban fighters whilst serving in Afghanistan.

The leading security expert warned that Harry is a “loose cannon” after he admitted that they the Taliban fighters he killed were simply “chess pieces.”

Will Geddes said that Prince Harry’s admission of his “kill count” was totally stupid, unnecessary, immature and irresponsible” and has now potentially put a lot of people in extreme danger.

He warned that Harry is now “more a viable target” than he was ever before and has now put his family in “immediate” danger.

Geddes said that by Harry openly revealing his kill count to the world has broken the unwritten code of conduct that veterans hold.

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The Mirror reported, that the international security specialist said, “Prince Harry claiming to have killed 25 Taliban has raised his, his wife and children’s threat level significantly to jihadist threats.

“No one who has ever operated in conflict zones ever discloses that kind of information.”

He added, “Harry’s disclosure about the kills he made in Afghanistan is irresponsible because it heightens and certainly draws focus to him by Jihadists, by those who are supporting the Taliban, making himself an more viable target than he was before.

“A lot of people presumed or speculated that his participation on tours in Afghanistan weren’t necessarily at front end fighting.

“It was all a little bit kept under wraps, for obvious reasons, as to what he was doing there.

“Writing this is something that nobody who is operating in conflict would ever do outside the theatre of operations.

“You could potentially discuss things with your colleagues and the people you’re operating with, but you don’t come back and start trumpeting about it.”

He continued, “This risk he’s now amplified is the threat not only to himself but to his wife and children, and for someone who is stating he wants to remain private and want to hide in the shadows this is really drawing more light on him than is necessarily,” he said.

“It’s counterproductive, to put it mildly – it’s played beautifully into the hands of the Taliban.

“This is in print now, it’s gone around the world. The news broke this morning and the Taliban are already commenting on it, go on Twitter and thousands of people are already talking about it.

“They want something to hook on to to give them credence, to give them recognition, to give them purpose, to give them motivation, and he’s giving them all of that. As the old military saying goes, loose lips sink ships.”

Geddes added, “Fixated persons are people very much obsessed with the Royal Family for various reasons, there are potentials for IEDs, potential for suicide attacks, potential for lone tech lone wolf attacks or lone actor attacks where someone might try and get him with a knife.

“There are so many different ways that threat could materialise.

“The security will be doing everything they possibly can to ensure the protection of him and his family against a wide spectrum of threats.

“They will have a certain amount of counter surveillance and hostile threat detection, which you will be implementing to see if there are any individuals that are carrying out hostile reconnaissance in advance of an attack, which often in the case.”

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