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Half of us like a flutter, with the majority of us gambling online

by LLB Finance Reporter
26th Oct 23 12:12 pm

The latest research from digital identity security specialists, ID Crypt Global, has revealed that half of us like a flutter across the UK, with a quarter of those who do gamble doing so on a weekly basis, largely due to the ease of online gambling.

A survey of the UK population, commissioned by ID Crypt Global, found that 50% of us like to gamble.

While just 5% stated they do so on a daily basis, a quarter (23%) of gamblers are having a flutter on a weekly basis. 12% more stated they gamble at least once a month, meaning that 40% of gamblers are making bets on a regular basis.

Despite many of us gambling on a frequent basis, the stakes remain fairly low, with 73% stating they only spend up to £10 at a time when they do gamble. 17% put down up to £20, while just 1% said they spend over £100.

Today gambling is extremely accessible due to the advent of technology and this is the apparent preferred method for many when gambling. Just 18% of gambles now spend their money in physical outlets such as casinos or bookies, with 60% gambling purely online, while a further 22% gamble via a combination of online and physical outlets.

The national lottery, live sports and other lotteries such as car winning competitions rank as the top three most popular ways to gamble.

Despite the evolution of online gambling to involve more in-play options, just 10% stated they use such features, with only 20% making use of cash out options once their bet has been placed.

CEO and Founder of ID Crypt Global, Lauren Wilson-Smith, said, “It’s quite astonishing to think that half of us like to gamble in one form or another and it demonstrates just how easy it has become in the modern age with the evolution of online outlets.

In fact, the vast majority of gamblers place their bets purely online and while this ease and convenience clearly has great appeal, it’s important that we ensure online gambling is done so with an appropriate level of protection in place.

That’s why we are calling for an online passport that brings all of a person’s gambling history and information together so that gambling firms have direct knowledge of an individual’s risk factors. This will stop gamblers who have been blocked by one bookie simply crossing over to the next unchecked.

But such information is highly sensitive and there can be no risk whatsoever that a person’s Gaming Passport can be hacked. That’s why a Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) along with the data being stored securely on the individual’s personal devices, will be an essential part of any such passport, negating the risk of information about our online gambling habits being stolen and taken advantage of.”

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