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Government to ensure traffic flows through ports after Brexit

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
21st Aug 19 4:27 pm

Visiting Holyhead Michael Gove  said the government will do everything they can to ensure traffic flows through all ports after Brexit.

Gove said that Boris Johnson is taking steps the UK are “properly prepared” for Brexit on 31 October and that ports are to be given an extra £9m to prepare.

An extra £1.7m of funding will be shared with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as English local authorities have new money.

The Welsh government spokesperson said, “We have worked with local authorities and port and ferry operators over the past 12 months to put in place robust contingency plans to reduce disruption caused by Brexit.

“However, it is clear that despite our extensive planning, a no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for Wales and place significant pressures on the ports and surrounding communities.”

Gove dismissed the leaked Cabinet Office document codenamed “Yellow Hammer” that warned of fresh food shortages and medicines.

Speaking to the BBC Gove said he had “seen those projections several weeks and months ago.

“They were material that was produced under the last government when Theresa May was prime minister.

“The assumptions in that document were the product of work done then.

“We have a new government now, and under this new government we’ve been taking steps to make sure that we are properly prepared for exit on 31 October.”

He was asked can he guarantee that there will be no disruptions at ports after Brexit, he said, “We’re doing everything that we can in order to make sure that traffic continues to flow.

“I can’t guarantee that there will be no delays – even today before we’ve left the EU I witnessed a delay here because one particular haulier in good faith didn’t have the right documentation.

“Delays can occur at any point, but we’re seeking to ensure that we minimise the prospect of delays so that whatever bumps in the road we face we’re able to ride them out.”

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