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Government puts its case forward for Brexit powers

5th Dec 16 3:01 pm

The latest on the Brexit news…

The Supreme Court has been told that allowing ministers to trigger Brexit was parliament’s “clear expectation” when it agreed to an EU Referendum.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright has said the government would be making “lawful” use of “fundamental” powers by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Wright was speaking at a legal hearing as to whether parliament’s consent was needed before Brexit negotiations begin.

In October, the High Court ruled that MPs did need to give the go ahead.

The government is appealing against this decision, the hearing is expected to last around 4 days and a verdict will be due in January.

The outcome will affect Theresa Mays strategy on leaving the European Union.

In the first session at the Supreme Court, Court president Lord Neuberger said the judges would consider any issues impartially and will decided the case according to the law.

The government has spoken about why it should use “prerogative powers” to trigger Brexit, it also said ministers have the power to make or unmake treaties.

The government said the powers were not a “relic” but a key part of the constitution and that parliament could have chosen to restrict ministers power to act but had chosen not to.

The UK voted to leave the EU in June this year, 51.9% voted to leave whereas 48.1% voted to remain.

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