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Good and bad effects of money on people

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22nd Jan 19 10:39 am

Money makes the world go round, is a popular saying around the world. This is because, in fact, money does make the world go  around. The world revolves around money. However, true as this may be, there are some good and bad effects that money does have on people.

Good effects of money

Living large

There is nothing wrong with living large, especially if you worked hard for the money that you are using. Besides, we all strive for that dream house and that dream car. This is exactly the reason why we go to work is it not? Therefore, spending that money is part of the whole process of making the money. Be it you spend it shopping in Paris or playing top online casino games, it all comes with living large. Besides, that means that you do not have to worry about the bills being on time.


Another good that comes with having is the giving. Those with money in most cases always give it back to society. In addition, there is nothing that beats giving. Whether they are giving to the poor or for a worthy cause. Giving is part of the good that comes with having money.

Bad effects of money


One of the negative effects of having money is pride. This pride comes in the form of them thinking that they are better than everyone else. This kind of mentality being brought about by the number of zeros that they have in their bank account. Along with the pride comes arrogance and this combination has in most cases been the cause of the demise of many.

Fake people

The other bad part about having tonnes in your bank account is the number of fake people around you. Sure, we have to deal with our fair share of fake people when we having a little. However, the number of false friends tends to be directly proportional to the number of zeros in our bank account.

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