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Golden Visas helping Americans cut living costs by 90% in these locations

by LLB staff reporter
6th Jun 23 1:07 pm

Research by Astons, the international experts on residency and citizenship through investment, reveals that US investors can reduce their cost of living by up to 92% when comparing the cost of living in America to that of other nation’s offering citizenship through investment.

Astons has analysed the basic cost of living across 13 Golden Passport nations, comparing this to the US to see which nation’s offer the most affordable option for American high-net-worths looking to exit the US.

The research shows that the current estimated cost of living in the US averages $1,513.45 per month.

In comparison, the cheapest cost of living among CBI nations is available in Egypt where combined costs come to $127.13 per month; -91.6% less than the US. However, with a Golden Passport requiring a minimum investment of $250,000, there are cheaper paths to a more affordable life.

Caribbean nations offer a highly affordable cost of living. In Dominica, monthly bills come to around $206.23 which is a saving of -86.4% compared to the US. Citizenship is also highly accessible in Dominica, requiring a minimum investment of just $100,000.

In nearby Saint Kitts & Nevis, where the minimum investment threshold for a Golden Visa is just $125,000, the cost of living is -80.3% cheaper than the US, while monthly bills in Saint Lucia are -79.5% more affordable and citizenship can be secured for just $100,000.

Of the 13 CBI nations studied, Vanuatu has the highest cost of living. Despite having a relatively affordable CBI programme, requiring a minimum investment of just $130,000, your monthly bills will come to around $1,141.87 in Vanuatu.

However, this relatively high cost of living is still -24.6% cheaper than the US.

Immigration Expert for Astons USA, Alena Lesina, said, “Golden Passport investors may be wealthy, but they don’t necessarily want to emigrate to the most expensive nations possible.

At the same time, even the most affordable Golden Passports, such as Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia, not only offer a far lower cost of living, but they don’t require you to compromise on your quality of life either.

This is one reason why so many US high-net-worths are opting to emigrate by securing alternative citizenship via investment. You can get an equally good, if not vastly superior lifestyle, without the massive price tags associated with a luxury lifestyle in the United States.

When you also consider that a Golden Passport can provide the opportunity to optimise your taxes, it makes destinations such as the Caribbean even more attractive.”

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