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Gemtracks helping Londoners become recording artists

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15th Aug 22 5:13 pm

Did you know in 1999, the average music fan was under 30 years old and spent £23 a year on purchasing records?

Fast forward to 2022, even your grandma is subscribing to Spotify and paying almost £200 a year.

Never was there a time in history being a recording artist could be so profitable.

Gemtracks is an international music-industry marketplace and collaboration platform created by Australian-born singer-songwriter and DJ, Jesse Neo. Founded in 2016, Jesse’s goal is to give the opportunity to anyone interested in entering the music industry get access to original beats, songwriters, recording studios and promo – and ultimately, launch their music career.

“I believe everyone has the talent to become a musician,” Jesse told us. “There have traditionally been a lot of blockages for people choosing music as their careers due to financial, social, racial and locational issues. But I want to change that.”

The website currently has close to 15,000 users, with more than 1,000 beatmakers, songwriters and recording studios from the UK willing to help new artists produce industry-sounding music.

“One thing about the internet and the time we are in now is that you no longer need a record label to bring your music career to life” the Australian continued. “Gemtracks will connect you to all the professionals you need, and even help you market your songs to ensure you get enough streams and royalties to make music fulltime.”

In fact, making music is not the only use of Gemtracks. The platform also offers things beyond the music. These include creating the imageries and brand identities of the artists.

“The music production is just one side of it,” Jesse laughed. “I want to help musicians grow their careers which is why we also do photoshoots and music videos. Even if you are not an artist and you work behind-the-scenes as a music producer, we have a white label music marketplace builder for you to start your own music marketplace, either to sell their own music or other people’s music. All you need to do is use our drag-and-drop builder and then upload a .zip onto your own website.”

In terms of Gemtracks being a community website, there is a discussion forum for users to share their songs and exchange feedback from all over the world. While doing so, an artist may discover another artist they really connect with and may then use the website to collaborate and work on new projects. There are many examples of artists from Africa and London collaborating on new tracks, but wish to remain anonymous until their music is released.

For those without a music background, there are several sections with educational contents such as a blog, a gears database, and a directory of different musical genres. Some interesting articles we found are How to Sell Lyrics and Record Labels Looking for Singers.

“I am all for creativity, technology and inclusion,” Jesse said with an empowering confidence in his voice. “I am so glad to have created this platform for the general public to use and allow so many people to live the dreams they want.”

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