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Frequently asked questions on how to use sports betting bonuses

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25th Mar 20 10:30 am

Do you want to activate your sports betting bonus after signing up on an online sportsbook site? You may find the process slightly confusing if it’s your first time on a betting website. Like you, thousands of newbie gamblers have tons of questions regarding how to use their sports betting bonuses. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions discussed below.

1. How do I claim my bonus code?

Usually, betting sites credit you’re playing an account with the bonus amount right after you complete your registration process. However, a few websites provide you with bonus codes that you can use on specific match-days. For example, you get a hundred bucks as your signing bonus but you can only use it on the Champions League Final. You can use the bonuses that get credited into your account right away. Set your betting amount for a game and before placing your order, use the bonus amount to complete your payment.

2. Can I use the bonus code while playing on my mobile?

Yes, you can. Most sports betting websites come with both desktop and mobile versions of their sites. Therefore, even if you register using the desktop, you can still use your bonus code on your mobile phone. The flexibility of online betting is one of the reasons why gamblers are shifting to this platform. You can not only bet on the go but also use your bonus codes any time you want. Once the bonus code or amount gets credited to your playing account, you can access it from anywhere.

3. What do I need to do to withdraw my bonus amount?

Usually, you cannot withdraw your bonus amount. Betting sites provide a handsome bonus amount so that you can start your betting journey as soon as possible. You cannot register and start withdrawing your bonus right away. It is only if you win a game that you can withdraw your entire earnings. For example, if you get fifty bucks as Melbet bonus code, you need to use it on a specific game. If you win the bet and earn a hundred bucks, you can withdraw the total amount from your playing wallet.

4. Are there any limitations on using bonuses?

Yes. Most websites provide restrictions on using your bonus codes so that you meet the minimum deposit requirements. For example, you cannot use all of your fifty bucks on a match without investing anything. You should go through the terms and conditions of the bonus codes before using them. Read the minimum deposit rule carefully so that you don’t have any confusion while using your bonus codes.

5. The website promised to credit my account with the bonus amount right after I complete my registration but I did not receive anything. What should I do?

Mistakes may happen. With thousands of players registering every day, a technical glitch may take place here and there. You can always sort this problem out by talking to the customer service department via online chat or emailing them.

Online betting sites are still improving to make betting experiences more enriching for players. Therefore, if you have any queries regarding bonus codes that you don’t find answers on the betting site, you can find them above.

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