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Four reasons why should you use social media customer services tools

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28th Nov 19 1:16 pm

We all know the power of great customer support. If your social media customer service is great, people are likely to recommend your products or services further. However, if it does not live up to clients’ expectations then some bad words may be shared about your brand. How to win your customers’ hearts? You should simply use various tools to automate some of your tasks while you focus on helping your clients out. Can you do it without tools for social media customer service? You could, but it may be really difficult and time-consuming. Find out four reasons why you should start using tools for customer care right here and right now.

Social media customer service tools help you help others

Thanks to some tools for customer support, you can help your clients and potential clients get all of the desired information about your company. Instead of handling numerous requests on a call, you can do it all on social media – which is quicker and better, with everything written and accessible anytime for anyone in your company. Instead of investing in calling solutions (nowadays, not many people prefer this channel of customer support), it is better to move customer support efforts to social media.

Tools for social media customer service can save you a lot of time

This is another reason why transforming your customer service processes and moving it to social media can be a good move. Social media customer service can definitely be a game-changer for your agents and people responsible for community management on social media. Instead of managing all of the requests themselves, they can make the most of a social inbox in social media customer service tools like Napoleon Cat – https://napoleoncat.com/features/social-inbox/. Apart from that, you can also use social media scheduling features for better customer service and providing accurate information.

Tools for customer support on social media can save you a lot of money

At first you may think it is not true, however, you should take spending money on some social media customer service tools as an investment rather than an expense. Of course, you need to spend some money on buying them and spend some time on getting your team properly onboarded, however, it will pay off by shortening the response time of spot-on customer service. What’s more, before you start using tools you may have noticed a need for hiring more agents or people to your social media team to handle all of the requests. Once you implement some tools for customer support in your organization, customer service can become a breeze and hiring more people to your team will no longer be necessary. This is another way of saving money with tools of this kind.

Social media customer tools increase customer satisfaction

Customers are served better, more precisely, quicker and on many platforms. They want to get their problems or doubts solved on the same platform they lodged their requests at. Customers nowadays do not want to be redirecting from one platform to another; they value their time. If you want to increase their satisfaction and loyalty, and make them recommend your services further, you simply have to use tools to ensure the highest quality of provided customer service.

To wrap-up

Flawless customer service can really be a lot of fun and generate more income. Not only will your potential clients and existing customers be happy with the outcome and get their requests handled better and quicker, but your employees can also be more motivated to work with nice social media tools for customer service. If they can automate some of their tedious responsibilities and take care of task management in a more productive way, you may soon notice a positive change in their behaviour and performance. What are you waiting for? Many social media tools for customer care have free trials so you can try them out without any consequences. Do it before you hit the “purchase” button and choose the best one for you and your organization. Good luck!

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