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Four must-have summer accessories for hot weather

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12th Aug 22 10:29 am

The arrival of tropical temperatures brought both their beauty and their challenges. We can finally enjoy wearing our favourite t-shirts or tops and feel great about ourselves! However, tropical days can also be unhealthy for us because of the strong sun and high temperatures made worse by the high humidity.

Luckily, there are summer accessories that will protect you from all the negative effects that summer has on us. The advice we’ve provided below can help you stay protected even on the hottest summer days.

1. Sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from UV rays

The sun’s rays come in various wavelengths, some of which might harm the eyes. Examples include blue light, ultraviolet rays, and bright or intense light. Nowadays, there are a number of options as well as a great selection of eyewear, and you can check out the best-reviewed glasses on the market.

The sun’s invisible, highly energetic beams that fall below the blue end of the visible spectrum are known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Only UVA and UVB rays go from the Sun to the Earth’s surface because UVC and some UVB rays are absorbed in the atmosphere.

Both forms of radiation can destroy the structure of the eye. However, UVB is more dangerous than UVA for the eyes and skin, producing burns and accelerating the development of cancer. UVA is less dangerous initially, but over time it causes similar alterations.

When UV photons are absorbed, there is a higher chance of eye damage since they have more energy than visible light. That is why you must always wear sunglasses to ensure you protect them from the harmful UV rays.

2. Sunhat to protect your head and face from the sun

Sunhats were originally designed as a practical element to protect from rain and bad weather. Still, over time, it started to take on new, more elegant forms and was embellished with feathers and flowers to draw attention to the woman wearing it.

With the philosophy “less is more” and the courage to omit any superfluous elements, choose a sunhat that will protect you from the sun and look stylish, complementing your outfit at the same time. The sunhat model is picked based on your facial shape, outfit choice, the time of year, and the event you will be attending.

Be aware that a smaller model is appropriate if your face is small! Smaller hats on a wide face make it appear even bigger, but a large sunhat will optically slim down a small face. Therefore, if your face is wide, the hat should have a wide shape.

3. Sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

UV rays make up 10% of sunlight’s spectrum, which has a significant biological impact. They promote skin blood circulation, boost immunity, have a bactericidal effect, and help to produce vitamin D, which is important for calcium absorption.

The impact of solar radiation has negative consequences too. The usage of sunscreen for the face and body is advised by physicians and cosmetologists in an effort to lessen the damaging effects of sun exposure on both the skin and the human body as a whole.

It’s important to know how to utilize protective agents and how to pick the best one. When buying sunscreen, avoid too many chemicals that may cause a reaction to your skin. Similarly, ensure it is of high quality to provide you with the necessary protection.

4. Water bottle to stay hydrated in the heat

It goes without saying that you should drink as much fluid as you can throughout the summer to avoid becoming dehydrated, but it is crucial for you to understand that simply sipping water on a regular basis is insufficient.

According to numerous experts, we jeopardize our health and have a harder time enduring the heat because of insufficient water intake. During hot summer days and nights, it is important to always have a water bottle with you no matter where you go. That way, you can always hydrate your whole body and tolerate heat much easier.

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