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Four most talented writers from London

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Nov 18 8:35 am

A few dozen writers have penned down incredible books that serve as inspiration and a wealth of knowledge for generations lucky enough to read them. These great writers are everywhere, but a couple of them are from London or possibly schooled there. So in this post, and from a thesis editing expert’s point of view, here are 4 of the highly talented and decorated British writers.

Enid Blyton

Born in Dulwich, South London on August 11, 1897, Enid Blyton was an English Children’s writer named as one of the best-selling fiction actors till date. And even though she passed away on November 28, 1968, her memory and work still live in the hearts of Londoners and the entire world.

Interestingly, Blyton is the seventh best-selling fiction writer in the entire world with over 600 million copies of her book sold. Some of her work includes the Magic Far Away Tree, Puzzle for the Secret Seven, The Island of Adventure and others. And her work which comprises Amelia Jane and The Wishing Chair series has remained timeless classics in the entire world.

Blyton was also a prolific writer who built an impressive literary empire within a short time. She could produce more than fifty books annually, including several newspaper and magazine contributions across the country, which surprised many and created suspicion. The sheer volume and speed at which Blyton produced her work made many to believe she had hired other writers to assist her.

J.K. Rowling

It is almost impossible to mention talented British writers without including the name J.K. Rowling. She is the ninth best-selling fiction writer in the world, with over 500 million copies of her book sold.

Born in Yate, United Kingdom on July 31 1965, Joanne Rowling aka J.K. Rowling is a British philanthropist and Novelist known for producing the famous Harry Potter fantasy. She is also a screenwriter, film and television producer.

Rowling’s ambition for writing came at a very tender age. And even though she wrote a book at the age of six, little came out from her efforts. Her book at this age was about a rabbit with measles which received praised only from her mother because it never got published. But today, there is no doubt that she is a highly talented writer, considering the uniqueness of her work.

Ian McEwan

With due respect, Ian McEwan is one of the talented writer’s film producers cannot resist. He is one of the greatest British writers that has been since 1945, a reputation he earned in 2008 on The Times list. Ian according to the ranking by Telegraph is also among the 100 most influential people in British culture.

Born in Aldershot, United Kingdom in June 1948, Ian is one of the highly talented writers to walk the surface of the earth. He has received several awards for his excellent work, one of which is the popular Booker Prize award.

Ian has also written several inspiring books such as on Chesil Beach, Sweet Tooth, Atonement, Amsterdam, The Children Act, and Machines Like Me, which was his latest as of the time of writing.

Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes is a famous and highly talented English writer who won the Man Booker Prize award for his remarkable book “The Sense of an Ending.” And most of his books had been named for the price in the past. Other awards won by this prolific writer includes the Siegfried Lenz Price, David Cohen Prize for Literature, Shakespeare Prize, Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and a couple of others.

Born 19 January 1946 in Leicester, Barnes has also written several inspiring books such as Flaubert’s Parrot, Arthur & George, The Noise of Time, The Only Story, and The Sense of An Ending made available in 2011. He started as a journalist and published his very first book called Metroland in 1980. Since then, he has built a solid reputation for himself as one of the finest contemporary writers in Britain.


According to Writers department experts, London and the whole of Britain have produced some of the best and highly talented writers in the world. The ones on this list are few of them. And one thing worthy of note is that each one of these writers is unique in their way. The difference or uniqueness you will figure out after reading their books.

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