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Former US ambassador to NATO urges the West to ‘really step up efforts to help Ukraine get better air defences’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Oct 22 2:55 pm

The former US ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker has said on Monday that the West must “step up efforts” to help Ukraine after Vladimir Putin launched cruise missile attacks on Ukraine.

He was asked if he thought the attacks against Ukrainian cities on Monday were “inevitable” following the Crimean bridge explosion on Saturday?, Volker said, “Well, they were certainly predictable.

“This is what all of us were saying Putin would do.

“He has very few recourses on land. He cannot take territory, he cannot hold territory, but he can lob bombs at Ukrainian cities to kill civilians.

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“This is what everyone anticipated he would do and it underscores why the West needs to really step up efforts to help Ukraine get better air defences.

“It is something we have made progress on but there is a lot more that we can do.”

Volker added, “This is Russia lashing out as it is being defeated. I think we need to be prepared for that and just help Ukraine defend itself more.

“This is an all out war by Russia against Ukraine. Well, Ukraine has every right and reason to defend itself.”

The former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has issued an ominous warning to Ukraine on Monday, that the “first episode has been played” and there “will be others.”

Medvedev warned on Monday in his Telegram channel, “The first episode has been played. There will be others.

“And further. I will express my personal position. I can’t help but mention it now.

“The Ukrainian state in its current configuration with the Nazi political regime will pose a constant, direct and clear threat to Russia.

“Therefore, in addition to protecting our people and protecting the borders of the country, the goal of our future actions, in my opinion, should be the complete dismantling of the political regime of Ukraine.”

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