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Five ways to optimise your HR management for better employee engagement

by John Saunders
20th Jan 22 1:30 pm

Even with the modernisation of most business operations today, one of the essential assets of any organisation is still its workforce. After all, it’s the employees who keep the business running. That said, when your staff aren’t well managed and taken care of, their productivity and efficiency may suffer. They might feel less motivated to exert effort and initiative and be on top of their game. When this happens, the organisation may not be as competitive.

Poor human resource management may also lead to a higher employee turnover rate. This is because when your team isn’t managed well enough, or they aren’t given the right career growth opportunities, they might feel less engaged from your company’s goals and objectives.

To avoid that from happening, your organisation must consider optimising its HR management solutions. Here are five ways to help you start.

1. Create a more efficient workflow

Today, there are various tech tools such as an HR software system that you can use to have better management over all the HR-related tasks in your organisation. Tools such as these can certainly result in a more efficient workflow and processes. This positive effect goes back to the very core of how HR tools can help the team manage and go through workflow bottlenecks.  In effect, efficiency in HR tasks is increased, thereby also resulting in a more improved employee experience.

With that in mind, here are some questions you can start asking, as you determine the value and the urgency of each task:

  • What are the consequences that may arise when each important HR task isn’t finished on time?
  • Is there anyone in the team who can do a certain task accurately, more efficiently, and at a less expense to the company?
  • Should a shift in assignments be done, in order to complete each identified important task?

Whatever answers you have to the questions above can help you come up with more insights and value into the urgency. This is paramount to figuring out the best option for HR tasks, daily, to achieve better optimisation.

 2. Train your team regularly

One of the reasons why employees stay within a company is because they feel respected, challenged, and they believe that they are continuously growing and learning within the organisation they are part of. In other words, employees crave opportunities for career growth and development.

That said, one of the best ways to continuously engage your employees is by making training readily available to them. Investing in your employees thru various workshops, employee training and certification, and more can certainly go a long way.

With continuous learning, employees tend to be more motivated and inspired. This brings about the effect not just of staying within your organisation, but also performing their duties to the best of their ability.

3. Discuss metrics for performance evaluation

There isn’t one uniform way for companies to assess their workforce’s capabilities. Members of the HR department and senior managers themselves should familiarise themselves with the different ways of rating and assessing your team’s overall performance.

Having defined and clear metrics as to how you are evaluating your employees’ performance can help improve employee engagement and management since it allows for transparency and fairness. More so, this metric can be your guide when offering a salary increase and job promotions.

However, it’d be good to note that aside from setting a clear metric, make it a point that you take the time to sit down with your employees and discuss their overall performance. This can be a great way to engage them and discuss with them any concerns they may have about their role in the organisation.

Then, you may just be able to see a shift among your team members, as they become more engaged and happier as well. Remember, happy and engaged employees can also mean better productivity, therefore, may lead to an increase in profitability.

4. Say yes to artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no stranger to many businesses today. Various departments in an organisation can significantly benefit from this, and HR management is one of them.

Today, there are many HR software you may find to be powered by AI. When these are in place in your organisation, you’re enabling efficiency in areas such as task generation, invoicing and payroll, and even sending reminders of memos.

Because your team is up-to-date with the latest in technology, this can, in turn, make employees feel more empowered. Competitive employees like it when they’re also in a workplace where they’re at par with the competition as to the latest development in technology. No one wants to stay in an organisation where they know their peers in other companies have access to certain technological advancements that they don’t.

So, if you haven’t already, 2022 can be the best time to start saying yes to technology – particularly AI, for your HR team and the entire workforce, if possible.

5. Review compensation and benefits

One of the ways to optimise HR management for improving employee engagement is to look at the current compensation and benefits package you are offering to your team. Perhaps you may think that the salaries are alright, but in reality, you’re paying way less than the competition is now giving.

In that regard, don’t just focus on the salary itself. If budget permits, consider going the extra mile for your team by offering competitive and enticing benefits to them too. More so, this can be a great way to show that you appreciate their efforts and contribution to the company. For example, companies should provide paid leave benefits to their employees. Nowadays, this is something that is required of every company. Additionally, an HR team should automate this process and implement software to help them manage paid leave. While this may mean a higher expense for the company, it’d be worth noting that engaged and highly motivated employees can become significant assets to your business’s profitability.


Human resource is essential to any organisation. Without engaged employees in your team, your business’s competitiveness may get affected, or worse, suffers.

With that said, one of the many discussions your HR team should get across the board is the optimisation of employee management and engagement. This doesn’t mean micromanaging your team. Rather, it’s about applying the best tactics and standards which you know will result in a happy, fulfilled, and productive workforce.

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