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Five practical ways to increase user engagement on your business website

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13th Jul 21 4:41 pm

The internet has revolutionized pretty much everything; technology is always making things newer and easier to use, for example, E-commerce. At this point, anything that a consumer needs is just a click away. Bearing this in mind, every business owner should prioritize providing the best online services for their current market. They have to devise ways to increase their customer engagement on their site in order to grow as a business.

As we have seen, consumers now rely heavily on efficient online shopping. As an entrepreneur, what are the practices that can increase customer engagement on your business website? Below are a few helpful, practical ways.

1. Improve the aesthetic value of your website

When it comes to E-commerce, the first impression matters a lot, and it is essential to make a good one. When customers arrive at a dull, ugly, or messy website, they will not be compelled to stick around and engage with the site and its content. People will always stay longer on a site that looks nice and sleek and is easy to read and navigate. That is why you must focus on even the smallest details, because they make a difference. For example, something as small as the font you use can make a huge difference. Take a look at the best fonts for websites to get an idea of what we’re talking about here.

2. Make use of digital tools

One of the ways to improve your customer engagement is by employing the digital tools at your disposal. Why? This is because it is an effective step towards raising the quality of your customer experience and delivering customer satisfaction.

For example, you can start by incorporating the Live Chat option on your business website. Statistics show that more than 75% of clients fancy live chats over other methods whenever they have queries or need help. The live chat offers immediate support, making customers feel more appreciated, which will, in turn, raise their chances of coming back to transact with you again.  Additionally, it also saves on the additional customer support costs and makes you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some additional advantages of including a live chat feature on your site:

  • It is an excellent way to proactively engage with your customers
  • You will get first-hand customer opinions and comments
  • It is a perfect tool to monitor customer behaviour
  • It improves your sales, especially since some people using the live chat might be inquiring about your products.

Visual digital engagement tools can also get the job done for you. The good thing about them is that they offer real-time assistance to the users with minimal effort. For example, you introduce the video chat option on your website and allow your clients to raise their concerns or ask questions about your products, all this being done conveniently from wherever they are. This can even help you solve the complex transactions issues that might arise during their payment processes.

3. Give your customers an option to leave reviews and testimonials.

Customer reviews act as social proof for your business. This means that they are an outstanding way to convert your website visitors to customers since they will be getting first-hand information about your services from other satisfied customers. In fact, statistics have proven that potential customers have a higher probability of engaging more with a website when they see testimonials from other customers. Once you add this feature, you should also expect your sales to rise.

Additionally, customer reviews improve user engagement by increasing their confidence in your products. People tend to purchase products that have better ratings, so adding reviews will boost sales.

Lastly, customer reviews will help you develop a stronger relationship with your customers. You will stay connected to them and raise the chances of them buying from you again.

4. Work on your linking structure

Links are essential in a business website; customers use them to navigate from one item or page to the other. Therefore, you should ensure that these links are as clear and well placed as possible. For example, you should always try to use descriptive anchor texts specific and relevant to the page they lead the user to. Most of all, they should be functional (it is always advisable to test them before publishing).

5. Declutter the layout and break up your content well

Do not let your website cause confusion to users whenever they try using it. The best way to do so is by switching to simpler and more straightforward designs. Instead of having a website that has too much going on, limit it just to the most relevant content.


A successful website is one that considers user engagement. The better the user engagement, the higher the sales. By incorporating the above practices, your website will be easier for users to use, and the results will be evident.

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